Kodak Installs Platesetter

Kodak Installs Platesetter

The WKS Group has ordered the Kodak MAGNUS Q4800 Platesetter for its site in Essen, where production takes place on heatset web offset presses in the class up to 80 pages.

‘One key argument for us is that the MAGNUS Q4800 will let us switch from UV to thermal technology. The higher imaging capacity is another advantage,’ said Dr. Ralph Dittmann, Managing Director of the WKS Group, commenting on this pioneering investment. ‘The level of technical expertise at Kodak is very high. That made it an easy decision to collaborate with them again in the large-format platesetter segment.’

This new jumbo CTP system from Kodak offers market-leading speed and productivity for extra large format (XLF) plates and is capable of imaging plate sizes up to 1600 x 2900mm for 96 page web offset presses. The MAGNUS Q4800 uses Kodak SQUARESPOT Imaging Technology, providing unmatched stability, accuracy and reliability for efficient platemaking and superior print quality.

The MAGNUS Q4800 for the WKS Group will be equipped with an XPL Pallet Loading System for four plate formats as well as an in-line punch. Commissioning of the Kodak XLF CTP system in Essen is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2021.

‘We are delighted that the WKS Group has chosen this Kodak innovation, which sets new standards in the XLF category in terms of automation and productivity,’ said Jeff Zellmer, Vice President, Global Sales and Strategy, Kodak. ‘The development of the MAGNUS Q4800 Platesetter is testament to Kodak’s ongoing commitment to bringing leading-edge technology and new efficiency potentials to the global printing industry. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with the WKS Group on this and other projects.’


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