Kemtek has signed an exclusive agreement with Fujifilm SA to become the principal supplier of its Brillia range of photopolymer and thermal commercial printing plates to the Southern African market. The announcement was made at a press conference held at Fujifilm House in Johannesburg on 6 May.

‘Effective from October 1, 2014, this milestone partnership between Kemtek and Fujifilm SA presents an excellent value proposition for the Southern African printing community,’ said Kemtek outgoing chairman, Vivian (Toekie) Rudaizky. ‘During the next six months it will be business as usual for Fujifilm SA and current distribution partner, Ferrostaal. Then, from 1 October, we’ll work closely alongside Ferrostaal, building on its existing distribution achievements to uplift the Fujifilm SA brand to preferred product status.’

Fujifilm’s Brillia series offers a comprehensive range of high sensitivity thermal violet CTP plates, including process-less and low-chemistry plates, which have earned an industry-wide name for superior quality, superb on-press performance and reliability.

Furthermore, Fujifilm’s Brillia High Definition range, introduced in 2006, represents the ultimate in terms of advanced design. The result of over a decade’s R&D into multi-graining and coating technologies, it raises the bar in terms of quality and productivity, allowing wider imaging and processing latitudes that assist in achieving the highest quality print easily and efficiently. The range includes both thermal and violet-sensitive plates, in processed and process-less variants, all of which deliver the same premium grade benefits.

Kemtek currently enjoys an approximate 50% market share position in the local graphics industry, supplying leading-edge printing equipment and consumables to large printing corporations and small independent printers alike. Operating from its head office in Johannesburg and branches in Cape Town, Pretoria, Durban and Port Elizabeth, its dedicated and expert sales team and technicians provide nationwide support in terms of stock, supply and service delivery.

‘Fujifilm SA’s executive team recognises our philosophy to consistently strive for excellence in everything we do and both companies are dedicated to building a mutually beneficial, long-standing business relationship,’ added Rudaizky.

‘In our experience, Japanese-manufactured products represent excellent quality, unequalled reliability and fair prices. We know Fujifilm will be no exception because of the advanced technology and the good value proposition they bring to customers. The amount of investment that Fujifilm is making in R&D going forward is tremendous and this is encouraging for Kemtek because we have a duty to the market to offer the best possible products,’ said Gavin van Rensburg, Group MD of Kemtek Imaging Systems Holdings.

‘For over a decade, Ferrostaal has been a distributor and support structure for Fujifilm in South Africa. We are honoured to still be part of Fujifilm’s vision and we are committed to working closely with Kemtek’s professional team to ensure Fujifilm’s success in acquiring greater market share,’ said Eric Duggan, MD of Ferrostaal Equipment Solutions.

Guaranteeing consistent high-quality plates and uninterrupted supply requires long-term investment in sophisticated manufacturing technology and efficient logistics and
the global Fujifilm Group ploughs millions in to its supply infrastructure to provide
printers with world-class products, day-in, day-out.

Fujifilm conducts its plate manufacturing from four factories worldwide – each ISO 14001 accredited and designed, built and operated to the same exacting standards to ensure consistency from plate to plate and batch to batch.

To minimise the environmental impact of its products during their lifecycle the group also implements a strict global Design for Environment programme. For example, at the modern Tilburg, Netherlands production plant, five turbines, capable of producing the equivalent amount of energy used by 6 000 households in one year, supply approximately 20% of the total energy used at the 63 hectare site, representing a 12 000 ton reduction in CO2 emissions per year.

Other investments include a co-generative thermal oxidiser, a large afterburner that uses gases and waste solvents produced as a by-product of the plate manufacturing process for fuel. Steam generated by the CTO is converted into electricity and hot water in a combined heat power plant and low pressure steam is used in summer to make chilled water, reducing CO2 emissions by a further 5 500 tons per year.

A water recycling facility has also been installed at Tilburg, plus plans are in place to clean some of the waste water generated for reuse within the production process. A complete waste water treatment system will also follow in the near future. As a result of implementing these sustainability measures, Tilburg currently reuses approximately 13% of its waste produced, recycles 68% and regenerates 18%, leaving less than 1% of the total required for disposal.

‘With its global reputation for quality and service and an R&D programme dedicated to sustainable production, Fujifilm SA’s product range delivers a host of value-added benefits to the southern African printing community,’ said Rudaizky. ‘We’re delighted to be nominated as principal supplier and, with our reputation for delivering only trustworthy, expert advice and assistance, I’m confident that Kemtek will take the Fujifilm SA brand to the next level.’