Inx International Presents Electron Beam Low Migration Ink


Prodigy EBGA is the new EB Low Migration solution from the popular line of industrial and packaging application inks for the NW340 UV digital label printer. The premium inkjet ink cures by electron beam using Uteco’s GAIA printer. It is the first inkjet machine offering electron beam technology, eliminating the need for photoinitiators.

EBGA inks provide strong adhesion to a range of traditional label material and film, with high chemical and scratch resistance. Available in CMYK, they can create custom spot colour in addition to orange, green and violet.

The ink technology was presented at Label Expo Americas (25-27 September 2018). Jim Lambert, Inx International’s Vice President of Digital Sales – Ink and Hardware said, ‘The Labelexpo crowd is always looking for a product with that something extra so they can separate themselves from the competition. I think it best describes the products we were exhibiting this year. Prodigy EBGA was just named SGIA’s 2018 Product of the Year for its category.’

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