Intec Releases Automated Digital Die Cutter

Intec Releases Automated Digital Die Cutter

The new FB9000PRO lands itself at the top of Intec Printing Solutions Limited’s ColorCut product offering and becomes the new flagship model with its new features.

By combining cutting, creasing, perforating and scoring in a single pass, this ensures that the FB9000PRO offers rapid, automated and unattended production for the creation of point of sale (POS) and packaging, paper, synthetic projects and kiss-cut sheet label production. The system is completed with a 2000 auto feeder/stacker, vacuum suction conveyor belt cutting table and media collection tray to offer true unattended capability.

Mark Baker-Homes, director of business development, stated, ‘We are incredibly excited to introduce the FB9000PRO into our very successful ColorCut flatbed cutter range. This product offers a quantum leap in speed and functionality, as well as bringing new styling cues that will permeate across our ColorCut range over the coming year. Our new flagship model ensures that any business that wants to bring unattended quality cutting automation in-house, can do so with confidence.’

Rapidly processing jobs at speeds of up to 1200mm/s with an SRA3 sheet cut in 15-45 seconds (depending on file complexity), the FB9000PRO can handle a variety of media types up to 1000 micron thick including folding box board, card, paper, synthetics, soft boards, vinyl and label stocks and large sheet sizes up to 550mm x 850mm.

Its dual tool head provides separate cutting and creasing tools that operate independently of each other to reduce operation time and improve productivity. The cutting tool applies a class-leading 1.2kg of cutting pressure to achieve crisp cuts on up to 1000 micron media and an industry first for this type of cutter of 1.5kg creasing pressure, to achieve deep and clean creases. Productivity is further enhanced with the ability to specify different speed modes for ‘blended’ or multi speed cut and crease operations on the same job.

Using QR codes for cut file recognition, the cutter’s CCD camera quickly reads the code to retrieve the printed sheets associated cut file, and four corner marks to ensure accuracy of cut and crease with the printed artwork and compensate for any sheet placement skew or print stretch. This function also enables the operator to instantly view the job on screen and set the desired cutting features from the system’s material database. This means that different aspects of the file can have different treatments applied to them and also predetermine the order they are worked on.

The cutter is driven using the Production Studio package (included with the system), which is part of Intec’s acclaimed ColorCut Pro software suite. This can be used as a stand-alone application with the cutter or as part of a networked solution when used in conjunction with Intec’s ColorCut Pro Server Station. The ColorCut Pro software suite offers sophisticated features with Job Library Manager workflow application and the new Template Maker application for producing vector box templates, to load into Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW, for use with the cutter.

The auto sheet feeder provides exceptional pneumatic efficiency and material handling to deliver a solution that is perfectly synchronised with the FB9000’s continuous conveyor cutting belt. Accommodating both landscape and portrait feed orientations, the feeder’s pick-up arm is easily adjusted to accommodate wide or narrow media.

The cavernous media stacker is easily lowered to load up to 2000 SRA3 sheets (25kg) or a stack height of up to 22.5cm and raises simultaneously as each sheet is fed, from the top of the stack, to offer true unattended production.

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