Intamarket Graphics Announces Business Card Cutter


Intamarket Graphics has announced the availability of the Intec ColorCut BC480 business card cutter. It works alongside any digital printer to produce professionally cut business cards of various formats automatically, easily and fast.

Setting new standards in cost, flexibility and speed, the card cutter works along side any digital printer or even digital photocopier to produce professionally cut business cards automatically easily and fast.

Whether used by a small business or a large printing company, the product automates and simplifies business card production, cutting an SRA3 sheet of 21 cards in just over 8 seconds. This enables users to cut 250 business cards in only 96 seconds.

Able to sense the sheet’s front edge, the BC480 cuts at precise intervals, as required. In addition, the unit can scan for cut registration marks placed on the printed sheet and will adjust itself to the image, automatically producing the perfect cut every time.¬†The card cutter can also cut post cards, compliment cards, appointment cards and custom card sizes, using pre-set programmes.¬†Intec offers a choice of cutting cassettes for cutting different card widths: 85mm, 89mm, 90mm and 95mm.

Key features:

– Sheet edge sensing to set cut position.
– Fixed or custom card sizes with a selection of interchangeable cassettes.
– Perforated ticket cassette also available.
– Auto stack feeding or set number sheet feeding enables the automation of the process.
– Suitable for A3+, SRA3 and A3 paper sheet sizes.
– Cuts up to 350gsm.

(+27 11) 444 0404

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