Imaging Solutions Launches FastBook Professional


FastBook Professional lays flat photo books and classy photo albums in formats up to 45.72 x 45.72cm (18×18 inches).

The high-performance system has been designed for 24-hour production, seven days a week. FastBook Professional is a 4-in-1 solution, providing all the necessary steps at the touch of a button: creasing, folding, pressing, and gluing.

Thanks to the integrated hot melt gluing technology, production costs can be dramatically reduced as only a minimum of glue per square metre is required. No drying or storage time is necessary, and the photo products can be shipped on the day of manufacturing. An adjustable fold pressing shapes the complete book block, providing highest professional photo book quality to consumers.

With the new fastBook unit, Imaging Solutions responds to the increasing demands for luxury photo products, for example wedding albums. This system for high-end photo book manufacturing complements the Imaging Solutions product portfolio, including the entry level machine fastBook Basic and the industrial high-capacity series fastBlock.

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