Idealliance Certifies HP Indigo


Idealliance G7 AI Master Calibration System Certification programme is designed for digital press manufacturers to fulfill the need of a totally automated G7 Calibration solution for the printing industry.

The recent advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), in-line colour measurement devices, and cloud-based technology make possible the implementation of achieving the G7 calibrated condition as an integral part of the digital presses with full automation and without human intervention.

Idealliance certified G7 AI Master Calibration Systems require no need of human intervention nor any external tools. These systems are designed to empower the end-users, through automation, to realise the extraordinary benefits of G7 Calibration. It dramatically minimises waste, significantly increases profitability and introduces one file, one separation, one aim-point and one calibration, for the entire print workflow to realise similar visual appearance and the ability to truly print anywhere, brilliantly. These certified systems do all of this automatically, at the fingertips of the end-user.

The HP Indigo press system is not only calibrating itself, but also monitoring output in real-time, on every press run. Through HP PrintOS and Color Beat, this empirical data can be shared anywhere, anytime, with anyone in the world that HP Indigo customers serve.

Thanks to HP Indigo’s ability to leverage advanced, built-in colour calibration and profile-creation capabilities, HP Indigo customers can now easily achieve and maintain G7 targeted compliance (G7 Master Facility Qualification) of their digital presses through an automated and innovative process that has been officially approved, on-site audited and certified by Idealliance. Printing facilities with G7 Master Qualified presses have the ability to monitor, validate and share colour quality conformance automatically with print buyers, brand owners, third party auditors, and quality assurance teams, also dramatically reducing the need for physical inspection of press runs, physical contract proofs, waiting for approvals, or expensive colour corrections.

‘What HP Indigo has achieved is simply extraordinary and industry-changing, not only for them, but especially for their customers and for all the customers’ customers (print buyers and brands). This extraordinary automation, which is done with incredible ease, built into the HP Indigo for transformational automation and process control, is simply remarkable.

‘This technology integration will instill incredible confidence with print buyers and brands that are using HP Indigo presses that are G7 Master Qualified facilities to produce product. The ability to see this at any time, on any press run as well as share it anywhere in the world is empirical, deliverable critical colour confidence. The supply chain communication it allows — from control, monitor and exchange of performance data to customers, brands and print buyers, is a benchmark of the global industry and we extend our most sincere congratulations to HP Indigo for this extraordinary achievement and integration,’ said Tim Baechle, CEO, Idealliance.

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