Idealliance Announces Certification Designations For HP Presses


Idealliance has announced that both the HP Indigo commercial digital presses and the HP Indigo Label and Packaging presses have been certified with Master Elite Level ISO/PAS 15339 Certification designations.

Idealliance ISO/PAS 15339 Certification is an element of the Idealliance Digital Press Certification for digital printing press manufacturers, allowing OEMs to certify and demonstrate press aptitude capability as it relates to capability to print to specified colour spaces and colour tolerance control.

By achieving the highest level of the Idealliance Digital Press and Master Elite Level of Idealliance ISO/PAS 15339 Certification, HP Indigo presses clearly demonstrated not only their capability to print to the largest colour gamut, Universal Extra Large CRPC 7, within CIEDE2000 tolerances as specified in CGATS TR 016-2014, but also their capability to hold colour consistently.

‘This certification is a significant differentiator for OEMs such as HP Indigo,’ said Timothy Baechle, Idealliance vice president, global print technologies and workflows. ‘It offers buyers of technology empirical data upon which to base their purchasing decisions as well as offering print specifiers great confidence in production coming from HP Indigo technology. It is important to note that in achieving this certification, HP Indigo sheetfed presses driven by the HP SmartStream digital front end, held tighter tolerances than outlined in the Idealliance ISO PAS 15339 Master Elite bracket, which is an outstanding achievement. Our congratulations go out to HP Indigo and its entire technical staff for their tremendous work in achieving this status.’

‘We are proud to be the first digital printing company to have received the Idealliance ISO PAS 15339 Certification,’ said Aviram Iluz, colour management product marketing manager, HP Indigo. ‘This achievement is a testament to our commitment to continuously innovate in the realm of colour and print quality and enable our customers to drive higher margins and grow their businesses by winning colour critical clients. The ability to provide superior colour that is accurate, consistent, and repeatable, sets our customers a step ahead of their competition. We are grateful for Idealliance’s consistent effort in driving the printing industry to achieve the highest performance in creation, production, and delivery of graphic communications.’

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