HP Reports Double Investment Of High-End Digital Printing Systems 

HP Reports Double Investment Of High-End Digital Printing Systems 

Esser DruckSolutions GmbH’s double HP high-end press investment is accelerating the company to become one of the leading digital printing companies in Europe.

German-based Esser DruckSolutions GmbH is expanding its fleet of digital presses with two new digital printing systems. As well as an HP Indigo 100K, the company has also invested in an HP PageWide Web Press T250 HD, which is now being used at the company’s site in Ergolding, Germany. The Esser Group’s investment into these two presses makes it the first print service provider in Europe to install two of HP’s high-end presses in parallel.

Ever since the founding of its sister company, Esser printSolutions GmbH, in 1905, the Esser Group has been a reliable partner to industrial companies, publishers and agencies, famed for its innovative printing and logistics solutions. In 2020, the Esser Group expanded its customer offerings by founding a second company, Esser DruckSolutions GmbH. It was for this new company that the Esser Group decided to invest in two HP digital presses – an HP Indigo 100K and PageWide Web Press T250 HD – in order to programme customised interfaces and web-to-print solutions for its customers, thus offering significant added value to the wider Esser Group.

‘Our first contact with HP dates back to 2004, when we invested in our first HP Indigo 3050 for Esser printSolutions, and over the years we have made additional investments. In 2014, we were one of the first PSPs to adopt roll-to-roll inkjet printing with the HP PageWide Web Press T230, followed by the upgrade to the T240 HD in 2017’, said Diana Esser, Senior Executive, Esser DruckSolutions GmbH & Esser printSolutions GmbH. ‘The partnership with HP has grown continuously in recent years and it’s always been based on consistency and trust.’

With the HP Indigo 100K, Esser DruckSolutions GmbH handles requests from the commercial and photo book printing sectors. Thanks to non-stop printing, which is made possible by five feeders, Esser DruckSolutions GmbH can easily switch between different print jobs and paper types. In addition, a print volume of up to 6000 B2 sheets per hour and colour calibration during the printing process ensures maximum efficiency and productivity with the highest colour quality.

The HP PageWide T250 HD is primarily used to produce books and operating manuals, mainly serving requests from industrial customers. In addition to the different print modes and print speeds of up to 152m per minute, the deciding factor that drew Esser DruckSolutions GmbH to invest in the PageWide T250 HD was the enhanced print quality achieved with HP Brilliant Inks. These are specially developed for use with coated and uncoated offset media and can deliver high-quality outputs with vivid colours.

HP Reports Double Investment Of High-End Digital Printing Systems 

Esser also commented, ‘The installation of two high-end solutions at the same time is special for us and both systems complement each other extremely well. The use of the two new HP digital presses offers many advantages, especially for book printing, as the inner section can be produced on the HP PageWide T250 HD and the cover on the HP Indigo 100K. HP as a supplier has a real unique selling point that can adequately serve all applications with both systems. For us, it is not a single feature that is pivotal, but the overall package of both systems that ultimately convinced us to expand our fleet of HP digital printing machines.’

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