The first offset-quality digital press in a B2 size format, the HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press is helping print service providers (PSPs) grow their businesses through increased efficiency and a wider range of digital print applications.

PSPs constantly look to improve productivity, expand capabilities and diversify applications to deliver more value as well as higher quality products to clients, said Alon Bar-Shany, vice president and general manager, Indigo Division, HP. The HP Indigo 10000 is delivering on its promise to change the economics for our customers by helping them produce a broader range of applications that allows them to increase their profitability.

Wider possibilities with the B2-format HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press

The HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press maintains all the capabilities distinct to the HP Indigo portfolio in a wider format that expands the digital printing capabilities, while crossing over into traditionally offset markets.

The HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press debuted at drupa 2012 and underwent beta testing by 10 PSPs across the globe beginning in September 2012. Many of the beta customers, including Courier, Pureprint Group and Sandy Alexander, are considering adding a second unit. Installation of production units is expected to start this month.

Precision Printing is using the press to create personalised, localised and on-demand photo books, in addition to packaging and marketing pieces that it could not produce on its B2-format offset presses. The company also optimised the positioning of smaller formats on B2-sized sheets to multiply the amount of prints the press can produce in one run.

The HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press is also allowing beta customer Zazzle, a manufacturer of customised goods, to increase profitability by adding new applications.

The HP Indigo 10000 allows us to apply the same digital workflows that drive our business to a new, larger form factor, said Charles Ohiaeri, vice president, Operations Technology, Zazzle. Alongside a few SmartStream portfolio products, we were able to integrate the press in virtually no time and kick off the process of bringing several new products to market.

Cober Evolving Solutions, one of Canadas leading marketing and communications providers, signed a purchase agreement for the HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press. The company will be the first in Canada to gain a competitive advantage by using the B2 press capabilities to provide shortened lead times and wider formats on versioned and personalised marketing materials.

We are continuously under pressure to produce the most effective printed materials with the shortest turnaround time for our customers, said Peter Cober, president, Cober Evolving Solutions. With the HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press, we will be equipped to deliver unique pages that add value in a timelier manner. This press will also make us more responsive and able to take on projects we would not have otherwise been able to do.

Increasing production and profitability with HP Indigo series four presses

Customers across the globe are taking advantage of the HP Indigo 5600 and 7600 Digital Presses to create high-value applications with special effects such as digital watermarks and raised print. Customers also are gaining a competitive edge with Enhanced Productivity Mode (EPM), a new feature available on the latest HP Indigo Digital Presses that significantly reduces turnaround times and production costs by printing up to 33 per cent faster.(1)

Integrated marketing services provider International Business Solutions of Mexico recently installed an HP Indigo W7250 Digital Press to produce personalised campaign materials. Using EPM helps the company print offset quality pieces while shortening turnaround times, cutting costs and reducing press downtime and maintenance.

We wanted to differentiate our business from the competition by being able to offer a broader range of high-value products that leverage electronic data and HP Indigos digital printing technology, said Salvador Anaya, senior manager, International Business Solutions of Mexico. Enhanced Productivity Mode significantly boosts our production capacity while reducing running costs. This gives us greater confidence to meet customer deadlines and eliminates any need to back up production with traditional offset production.

HP Indigo Print Care 2.0

With continued focus on press productivity and fast service and support, HP developed HP Indigo Print Care 2.0 as a complete toolset for the HP Indigo 7600 and 10000 (2) Digital Presses comprised of diagnostics, troubleshooting and maintenance tools, remote support and automatic calibrations and alerts. This toolset aids PSPs in maximising print quality and press uptime.

(1) Compared to the HP Indigo press 5500 and HP Indigo 7500, WS6000 and W7200 Digital Presses.

(2) Full toolset on the HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press will be available October 2013.