Highcon Systems Launches Product Enhancements, Consumables And More

Highcon Systems Launches New Product Enhancements, Consumables And More

The latest Highcon updates have been launched in response to worldwide customer feedback matched to its own R&D roadmap. They have been designed to help customers to better meet the challenges of the pandemic, as well as an increasingly competitive landscape where margins are tight and product differentiation is key.

These new initiatives will enable customers of Highcon® Euclid and Beam digital converting platforms to improve their workflow efficiencies to significantly reduce their costs and offer a new level of cutting and creasing performance that will lead to increased product value and job profitability.

‘Customers expect us to continually deliver product enhancements and improvements throughout the life cycle of our equipment, and now more than ever, it’s important that we support them. The initiatives launched today, once implemented at each of our customers’ sites, will have an immediate benefit, but they will also secure future success too. For example, our new unified software platform approach will ensure that all Highcon customers continue to benefit from our ongoing R&D investment in software tools for years to come,’ commented Shlomo Nimrodi, CEO at Highcon.

Highcon is launching its fifth Generation DART Consumable set (5thGDC), engineered to improve crease quality and reduce set-up time by up to 20%. It also features a broader range of supported boards, leading to greatly increased application possibilities and ensuring that Highcon finished jobs meet the quality requirements of major brands. As the name suggests, this is the fifth generation of consumables since the Highcon Euclid was first introduced, representing years of R&D investment in optimising specialised proprietary consumables, for dynamic, digitally driven physical creasing.

According to Francois Boussioux of Autajon/Haubtmann, ‘We are very happy with the quality achieved by the Highcon 5thGDC. The crease quality of our applications has reached new heights and the crease lines are uniform and without cracks. Setup times have also been reduced and the use of foam strips has significantly dropped. Altogether, we see a terrific improvement.’

Highcon is releasing a new and unified software version for both Euclid and Beam platforms, delivering new and upgraded features/capabilities to customers. Highcon Euclid customers, some of whom have been running their Highcon solutions for years, will now be able to upgrade their operating system and PC hardware to run the newest version, ensuring optimum production performance, as part of an annual service contract.

Nimrodi, concluded, ‘Our business is growing rapidly, but our vision has remained laser focused – we are dedicated to customer success. Because it answers so many of the big issues faced by our industry and the wider world, we are also committed to making digital finishing a mainstream technology.

‘From increasing on-shelf appeal to dramatically reducing minimum order quantities and reducing stock and storage, to the recyclability and overall sustainability attributes of product packaging, we believe that digital converting has a huge role to play in the success of our industry.’


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