Highcon Euclid IIIC Now Commercially Available


The Highcon Euclid IIIC extends the range of the third generation Highcon Euclid cutting and creasing machines into the world of corrugated and fluted substrates from 1mm up to 3mm/ 40-120pt.

The Highcon Euclid machine has been working with corrugated board at LxBxH in Switzerland since the end of 2015 and is now being made commercially available in the market.

According to Silvano Gauch, president of LxBxH, ‘We have been using the Highcon digital cutting and creasing technology to produce high quality short run packaging on demand for our customers. The ability to produce small to medium size batches just-in-time with low entry cost, allows our customers to order what they actually want.’

Aviv Ratzman, Highcon CEO and co-founder, added, ‘We realised the potential of the corrugated market in B1 and B2 (106.6cm, and 71.1cm) formats and have been encouraged by the success that LxBxH have had in this market. Box Compression Tests that have been performed by comparing digitally produced boxes with conventional ones have proven that boxes produced with the same substrate on the Euclid are stronger than those produced on conventional machines. This creates an opportunity to attain the same strength with reduced material usage and as a result, reduced costs. The potential of adding lamination and high quality print to the flutes also opens up a world of packaging that is both visually and structurally effective.’

The integration between the digital cutting and creasing and online ordering dovetails into the trend in the industry towards optimising packaging size to reduce over-packaging and shipping costs.

The Highcon Euclid IIIC not only saves on the production and storage of die cutting forms but also adds the flexibility of digital technology, which enables short runs, customised perforations with cleaner edges and easier opening, and variable data etching for customisation or personalisation down to the level of serial numbers. The Euclid IIIC will handle single wall, laminated, N F G E and B-flute from 1mm to 3mm/40-120 points.

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