HERMA Introduces Self-Adjusting System For Tracking Label Position


A special camera system first inspects the products after labelling. In addition to the presence of the labels, it also checks their position on the products. The data collected regarding the label position are subsequently used for the fully-automated adjustment of the next labelling job.

The tracking system can intervene to make corrections in two ways: it achieves the adaptation in the running direction of the products via the start delay, while in a lateral direction, it can readjust the two side belts that guide the products.

This fully-automated adaptation enables the labelling machine to apply round or rectangular labels to product surfaces, while keeping labelling tolerances at a very low level. ‘These are minimal discrepancies, which are virtually no longer identifiable with the naked eye’, said Ulrich Fischer, Head of Product Management at HERMA Labeling Machines. ‘We achieve this value even with particularly challenging applications, namely, when round labels need to be applied to a round surface extremely precisely.’

Even an edge trim of the labels, which is not 100 percent, can be compensated by individual positioning of the cylindrical products. Products with a missing, incorrectly positioned or wrong label are registered and then transported into a reject box with a compressed air blast – a checking sensor monitors that the products leave the machine.

But even without the new, optional tracking system, this labelling machine provides a high level of precision and flexibility for all top labelling. Side guides can be adjusted quickly and without tools to various product dimensions at any time. Together with the digital position indicators for additional machine settings and the integrated high-performance applicator HERMA 500, reproducible labelling results can be achieved at any time – even with high speeds of up to 250 products per minute. This makes the 452E top labeller ideally suited to the requirements of many Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), such as cosmetics, care and household products. It is designed for rectangular or cylindrical structurally and dimensionally stable products with measurements of 30 x 50 x 50mm to 300 x 250 x 150mm (L x W x H).

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