HERMA Introduces New Label Applicator


Running at 200 metres or 2000 labels a minute, synchronised with the product speed, the new HERMA 500 achieves record-breaking marathon performance. Key to its output is the latest full-featured version with motorised winders and a loop unit.

It is a high-speed label applicator capable of operating continuously – 24 hours a day and seven days a week if necessary. Non-stop operation while delivering these performance figures, irrespective of the labelling task, is made possible by an optional cooling unit. It allows maximum output to be maintained across multiple shifts, even in demanding climatic conditions.

‘Users whose products are labelled at slower speeds can benefit in every respect from our new HERMA 500 as well,’ said Martin Kühl, head of the Labeling Machines Division of HERMA.

‘The base unit is always identical, so that the applicator consistently embodies excellent processing quality and reliability alongside user-friendly operation and special features for faster set-up. Even those who apply labels at a rate of up to 50m/min have a decisive advantage. Up to this speed, the HERMA 500 does not need motorised versions of the unwinder and rewinder, which gives users substantial cost benefits.’

It also offers security of investment thanks to code-enabled functionality and performance upgrades. In other words, the user does not have to invest in a new applicator in order to obtain higher output or integrate a master encoder, which enables the device to be synchronised with the product speed. Another unique offering for HERMA applicators is a service portal where customers can not only update the firmware and order replacement and wearing parts, but also configure the HERMA 500 including the stand – ready for integration – entirely according to their needs and wishes.

The applicator is operated intuitively, just like a smartphone, from the 10.9cm (4.3”) colour touchscreen. The display is rotatable in 90° increments to ensure optimum visibility in any situation. Apart from these attributes, the HERMA 500 provides extensive and future-proof connectivity for the transition to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Besides an integrated web server, which can be accessed remotely as well, the new applicator features interfaces for connecting to higher-level controls by way of OPC Unified Architecture or Industrial Ethernet protocols. For users and operators alike, this results in more efficient control of production processes, which is crucial in the case of complex machine concepts in particular.

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HERMA https://www.herma-labeler.com/

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