HERMA Expands Removable Label Adhesives

HERMA Expands Removable Label Adhesives

The new adhesive 42Rpo endows practically any label material with both opaque and removable properties – including thermal papers.

Until now, technicians have struggled more or less in vain to design a thermal paper label that is both removable and impossible to see through. Thanks to innovative multi-layer technology, HERMA has now squared the circle and added a further variant to its broad array of removable adhesives. The new adhesive 42Rpo can be applied to practically any label material, including thermal paper. A conventional coating with an opaque effect cannot be applied to the back of this type of paper because of its sensitivity to heat.

With 42Rpo, in contrast, the opacity originates from a special blue pigment that gives colour to the adhesive without compromising its removable properties. ‘As far as we’re aware, there are no similar adhesives on the market,’ commented Ralf Drache, HERMA’s head of self-adhesive sales. Labels coated with this adhesive are typically applied to circulation crates in intralogistics or deposit return schemes, and to letters and packages on which a code or information in plain text is to be concealed only temporarily. We can now offer a removable solution for just about every application, whether for special surfaces or challenging label materials.’

The HERMA portfolio accommodates a wide variety of removable adhesives. Most of them are also suitable for use in labelling food products. ‘This capability alone had already earned HERMA a stand-out position in the industry.’

In the past, many commercially available label adhesives had systemic shortcomings – especially in combination with thermal papers and fine or critical surfaces. In order to resolve this situation, HERMA placed its faith in multi-layer technology at an early stage. Its highly versatile removable adhesive 42Rpp, for example, puts an end to the penetration of thermal paper by the adhesive, which in time can make printed barcodes unreadable and is a major nuisance in the industry. It also overcomes the problem of staining – adhesive that remains on the surface when the label is peeled off.

This allows users to apply thermal paper labels even to sophisticated fine packaging without any fear of staining. But the benefits of multi-layer technology are not restricted to thermal labels. The removable adhesive 42Lpp is especially easy to remove from glass, metal and plastic surfaces. It is extremely resistant to plasticisers and its adhesive force does not increase even on exposure to temperatures up to 65°C – it remains easy to remove.

This characteristic is especially highly valued by users in the glass industry. Thanks to HERMA’s multilayer technology, the problem of ‘ghosting’ – the non-tacky, but milky and distinctive film that can be left behind on some surfaces – is also banished by the 42Lpp adhesive. The adhesive 42Upp, in turn, which is supremely easy to remove, is ideal for labels intended for peeling off the front covers of magazines and books without leaving any residue or damaging the substrate.

Other removable adhesives in the range offer compelling performance on numerous plastic surfaces (42E), come to the fore in applications involving oils and detergents (52C), as with labels that are used to seal wet wipe pouches, or are particularly suitable for application to curved surfaces or across edges (42N). For its part, the 52N variant comes into its own in cases where the adhesive strength of 42N is inadequate, typically in the case of boxes or rough surfaces.

By way of another removable adhesive, the UV acrylate-based 42X, HERMA offers print houses and label users a further priceless advantage. It can be used to produce removable labels from special materials and is available from a minimum coating quantity of just 1000 square metres. This adhesive is even suitable for partial gumming, as required for labels with a tab.


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