Heidelberg Shanghai Plant Machines Create Growth For Chinese Print Shops

The Speedmaster SX 74, CS 92 and CD 102 series are assembled at the Heidelberg site in Shanghai on a production area of 60 000sqm.

Heidelberg’s high degree of stability persuaded Su Zhao Chun, owner of Hefei Jingyi Printing Ltd., to install a new Speedmaster CD 102 four-colour at the beginning of this year. The press comes from the Heidelberg plant in Shanghai.

‘The market in Asia is evolving, and we are seeing strong demand for customer-specific machines and a wealth of variants, especially for packaging printing,’ explained Achim Mergenthaler, manager of the Heidelberg site in Shanghai. ‘We are proud of our high quality, which – thanks to the high standards of the Heidelberg production network – is equal to that of the machines from the production facility in Wiesloch-Walldorf. Since the end of 2018, we have been delivering the Speedmaster CD 102 with eight-colours, coating unit and UV preparation for the first time, in order to satisfy customer requirements on site.’

With an average run length of 3000 to 5000 sheets, the high running speed and the short makeready times pay off. The new Speedmaster CD 102 from the Heidelberg plant in Shanghai already set several records in the first few weeks at Hefei Jingyi Printing: in one shift, 156,000 sheets were printed and in another 240 plate changes were performed, meaning that a new form was started, on average, every 12 minutes. ‘This underlines the high popularity of the Speedmaster CD 102 in China, just like in the rest of the world,’ explained Florian Franken, product manager for the CD 102. ‘The Speedmaster CD 102 is highly versatile, whether for long or short runs, thin substrates or cardboard with thicknesses of up to a millimetre – the press offers outstanding productivity, quality and value retention, and thus a high degree of investment security for our customers.’

‘The new Speedmaster CD 102 has doubled our productivity,’ said Su Zhao Chun. ‘The presses from Shanghai offer us an excellent price-performance ratio and they produce with extremely high reliability.nIn the last 26 years, I have always purchased printing presses from Heidelberg in order for us to grow.’

During this period, he has invested in four Speedmaster CD 102 presses, two Speedmaster SM 102’s and two Speedmaster XL 75’s. All the presses are four-colour models and were supplied by Heidelberg. The range of services offered by the print shop has changed significantly in recent years. Previously, the focus was on printing advertising material. Currently, the printing of books and magazines accounts for 95 percent of activity. Over 100 employees produce in two-shift operation at the Hefei site. Su Zhao Chun is particularly proud of his range of services, which is characterised by a high degree of flexibility, fast delivery and top quality. The combination of Speedmaster CD 102 and Speedmaster XL 75 help him with this and enable him to produce both short and long runs economically. Exactly ten years ago, Hefei Jingyi Printing installed the first Speedmaster CD 102, which was delivered from the Heidelberg plant in Shanghai. The totaliser now shows 350 million sheets.

At the beginning of April, the first Speedmaster CD 102-8+L from the plant in Shanghai was installed on the premises of Xianjunlong Colour Printing Co. Ltd in Shenzhen. It is the Speedmaster CD 102 with number 999 from the plant in Shanghai. Xianjunlong is a leading Chinese packaging producer, specialising in packagings for spirits, cigarettes and luxury goods. The new press is in operation as part of an extensive fleet of Speedmaster CD 102 and CX 102 presses. Xianjunlong has also implemented a fully integrated web-to-pack production line – from a cloud-based online platform to printing on a Heidelberg Primefire 106 and postpress.

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