Heidelberg Installs World’s First Promatrix 106 CS Die Cutter


Heidelburg installed the world’s first Promatrix 106 CS die cutter at Arka-Druk, a Polish packaging print shop.

The company has begun production with the world’s first Promatrix 106 CS die cutter. At an open house event at the end of March this year, other Polish printers witnessed this world premiere with practical demonstrations and were provided with comprehensive technical information.

The Promatrix 106 CS is the first machine to result from the partnership concluded last fall between Chinese manufacturer Masterwork Machinery Co. Ltd. (MK) and Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg). The machine is being sold exclusively by Heidelberg.

Following lengthy and extensive testing, Arka-Druk is now benefiting from the comprehensive standard features of the Promatrix 106 CS and is delighted with the high quality.

Arka-Druk was founded in 2000, has 70 employees, and supplies discerning customers in the packaging industry, including pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies. Its excellent experiences with the Varimatrix 105 CS die cutter and Easygluer 100 folding carton gluing machine, also installed by Heidelberg, underpinned its decision to purchase the Promatrix 106 CS.

‘We were looking for a die cutter for runs and lead times that are becoming ever shorter,’ explained owner Arthur Bach. ‘The tests with the Promatrix 106 CS met all our expectations. The die cutter fits in well with our concept of industrial production with structured processes and delivers high quality with reliable production.’

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