A full range of Goss Internationals products and services, including a number of significant technology advances will be showcased at the IFRA Expo 2012 in Frankfurt, Germany (October 29-31).

Goss International will extend its drupa theme in focusing directly on its innovative approach to today’s publishing challenges. Reiterating its drupa invitation to ‘See Things Differently’, Goss will emphasise how this corporate philosophy provides new solutions for greater productivity and opportunity.

Riding high on recent sales successes as well as positive market responses to its newest press models, Goss International is re-asserting its leadership position in the newspaper sector at IFRA Expo. Current installation projects spanning a variety of publishing operations indicate that Goss technologies continue to reinvigorate production for small, medium and large publishers worldwide. These range from the world’s first Colorliner CPS double-width compact press to a recent succession of latest-generation Goss Community investments across Africa and the Middle-East.

The latest Goss press offering for the evolving high-volume market is the Goss Colorliner CPS compact press system. This press was launched at last year’s IFRA Expo, and the first installation is underway at DC Thomson in Dundee, Scotland.

The Colorliner CPS system builds proven technologies into a compact configuration focused on end-user benefits such as higher quality print, low manning levels and reduced carbon footprint. Its units have a conventional non-split design, but a highly innovative cylinder and ink train configuration for the shortest possible nip-to-nip distance. This provides a web lead of only 2.7m (8.86 feet) between the first and fourth level, reducing web fan-out and increasing registration accuracy.

Benefitting from a specialised air ducting arrangement that produces a natural flow of air circulation for optimum heat dissipation, the Colorliner CPS press generates extremely low heat. This, added to substantial reductions in power and energy costs, as well as low waste between jobs, contributes to lowering the overall carbon footprint and cost of ownership of the press.

For the single-width market, the most recent addition to the Goss newspaper portfolio is the Magnum HPS press. This model, as exhibited at drupa 2012, has already been installed at two customer sites in China, chosen for its lower cost-per-page capability. Printing at speeds up to 70000 copies per hour, the press draws on the strengths of the Goss portfolio of newspaper and semi-commercial presses to achieve high performance-to-cost ratio from a two-page across, single-around format. Modifications include an ergonomically designed H-frame to dramatically improve plating access and hence job changeover. Other performance-enhancing features of the Magnum HPS press include synchronized shaft-less drives on in-feed and out-feed as well as on the printing towers for optimum web tension control; and centralised control of all essential press operations.

At the expo, the Goss Lifetime Support team will also present parts, service and enhancement programs designed to extend the competitive lifespan of press systems and provide overall productivity gains. Projects such as those at The Star Publications (Malaysia), DC Thomson, MNA (UK) and Newsday (USA), highlight differentiating Goss expertise, resources and project management skills across all requirements for press refurbishment, relocation, retrofitting, enhancements and servicing.

For The Star Malaysia, for example, Goss International is currently upgrading three Colourliner presses, originally installed in 2002, with a complete new Goss control system, including new drives, utilising field-proven hardware and software developed for the latest Goss Colourliner and FPS press models.

At IFRA Expo 2012 we have specialists representing all geographic markets in attendance and from every function of the newspaper business, said Eric Bell, director of marketing services for Goss International. This makes it a genuinely unique opportunity for discussion and working together with customers in examining their production challenges. As such, it is the ideal platform for us to demonstrate the advantage of seeing things differently.

The Goss Magnum HPS, as exhibited at drupa 2012 – the most recent addition to the Goss newspaper portfolio for the single-width market.