Good2Go Software Announces Workflow Solution For Small To Medium Sized Commercial Printers

Good2Go Software Announces Workflow Solution For Small To Medium Sized Commercial Printers

Good2Go is a cloud-based (SaaS) workflow solution offering a variety of file/document services that help commercial printers collaborate remotely with their print buyers. To ensure files are received on-time and deadlines never missed, Good2Go has a range of features to help keep jobs organised by due date, remind customers of deadlines and ensure layouts are good-to-go for print.

Available later this year, the solution, Good2Go, provides a core set of job on-boarding, and print job management services. Designed to be simple to use and cost effective, printers can be up and running with Good2Go in 15 minutes or less with monthly subscriptions.

‘We’re very excited to be introducing Good2Go,’ said Michael Reiher, president of Good2Go Software. ‘Throughout my career I’ve seen a lot of solutions for print service providers that are complex, confusing or just too costly for the average print shop. We want Good2Go to be easy to deploy and maintenance free. We want the average customer to be up and running in 15 minutes or less and this is why we say Good2Go is workflow without the work.’

File services include secure and tracked file upload/download, revision management and remote review and approval with advanced mark-up tools. Document review and annotating can be interactive allowing printers a way to visually communicate issues. With Good2Go, print buyers never have to log-in or open an account to collaborate with the printer.

To support internal production workflows, Good2Go provides a virtual job board, allowing users to see files that need their attention and jobs that are assigned to external customers or, other team members. With a five or ten-user licence, Good2Go users can build teams where jobs can be assigned from one team member to another to complete different production tasks. Like external requests, if a deadline is defined, Good2Go will automatically send email reminders to help keep people, tasks and jobs on-time.

Built completely from the ground-up on the latest in cloud platforms and technology, Good2Go is poised to lead the way in cloud-based solutions for the graphic arts industry. With its REST API integrators and solution partners will be able to link to Good2Go to help expand Good2Go’s capabilities with best of breed solutions.

‘Integration between cloud applications is different than the way traditional software integrates with each other,’ said Reiher. ‘In the cloud, once the connection is established all users can start using that solution — not just one. We will be aggressively seeking partners and technologies to connect with and provide our users with choices for their business.’

‘We’re very excited to finally show the world what we’ve been working on and even more excited where we plan to take Good2Go in the near future. We have a very clear vision for Good2Go, and I’m confident the market will be impressed,’ concluded Reiher.


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