GMG Demonstrating Colour Management Workflow Range


GMG will demonstrate a full range of GMG colour management solutions at Graphics of the Americas, taking place in Miami Beach, FL from 26-28 February 2015. The company will have a wide complement of products available for all facets of printing, from commercial to packaging to wide format.

Paulo Monteiro, Business Director, Latin America, GMG Americas said, ‘The Americas have certainly adopted very disciplined approaches to colour and colour management. While North America may receive many of the headlines for pursuing strict colour controls, we have seen very sophisticated applications in Latin America, as well. Everyone is involved with the requirements of colour matching, including, most importantly, brand colours on market shelves. GMG can offer just about any print provider a helpful solution, whether it’s our trademark GMG ColorProof, packaging solutions that are enhanced with GMG OpenColor, or solutions that benefit the entire supply chain, such as GMG ColorMaster, which keeps an image in a master colour space until it is needed, and GMG CoZone, a production system based in the cloud.’

GMG will provide demonstrations on a wide range of colour management and workflow solutions. GMG ColorProof 5.6, the latest release of the company’s popular, award-winning proofing software, will be one of the highlights on the booth. ColorProof 5.6 helps those who print with optically brightened media to achieve colour consistency. Print facilities with existing systems in place can also use a new interface to easily plug GMG ColorProof 5.6 into their workflows. GMG has created new hot-folder types with an XML interface that lets operators use one hot-folder for multiple printing standards, providing an easy connection to external workflow systems.

To reduce the manual effort of sending colour profiles to remote sites the GMG ColorProof 5.6 file distribution system can connect to multiple systems and download new and changed colour management files automatically, or on-demand, from a source location. To accelerate the RIPping process, PDF files can be RIPped in parallel. This reduces the delay between RIPping and printing jobs, resulting in faster speeds and greater production.

GMG CoZone is a modular production environment based in the Cloud, and an indispensable control centre for every online production workflow, whether approving a movie file, website, image or PDF. GMG CoZone has all the tools to make the process of markup and approval easy and seamless from creative right through to production. All stakeholders can annotate and approve content quickly and securely. No longer does one have to email large attachments or try to explain version changes over email.

GMG ColorMaster is attractive for ad agencies, repro shops, prepress businesses and print buyers that want to keep their data in the RGB colour space as long as possible. It also helps those who process print globally—such as brand owners or global converters—and who need to consider different industry standards. Images are not converted from their RGB space until needed. By viewing images in the GMG ColorMaster colour space, content originators—typically photographers—can make image adjustments early before storing files into the database. The ‘master’ RGB file can be output to any industry standard with confidence of its colour accuracy.

GMG OpenColor, a recipient of a Flexographic Technical Association Technical Innovation Award and an InterTech™ Technology Award is always a highlight on the GMG booth. With the increasing use of multi-colour printing and different combinations of inks, substrates, screening, and other variables, packaging printing has become a costly process that involves a lot of colour fingerprints and profile tweaking. GMG OpenColor answers this challenge by providing a proofing technology that precisely predicts the colour appearance of printed inks, particularly ‘overprints’—inks printed on top of each other without requiring extensive fingerprinting.

Also on the booth will be:
• GMG ColorServer, which provides superior, easy-to-use colour management, delivering consistent and repeatable colour results to all output processes—print as well as online digital displays.
• GMG products have been adopted by many printers who are looking for workflows that specifically address the complexities of wide format. GMG products have been extended to work even better for high volume flatbed production updated to be more familiar for those commercial printers who have recently invested in wide format and are more used to commercial workflows and terms.

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