GM Graphix Is First Flexographic Company In The World To Run MPS EF 340 With Solar Power


GM Graphix has celebrated two major milestones. It has successfully printed on an MPS EF 340 with LED Curing Technology generated by solar power (excluding air) and using an average of 20kWh electricity. The company has also purchased the first Flexo Press in South Africa with UV LED Technology.

GM Graphix is waiting for the official verification letter from African Instruments confirming its achievement with solar power, which the company spent two years researching how to implement. So far, GM Graphix’s carbon footprint decreased by 41.45% since 1 January 2016, having saved 4.870 tons of CO2 emissions per month, as well as 4967 units of water per month, measured as 3,86 litres of water per unit.

As a further step to reduce its carbon footprint, GM Solar, a division of GM Graphix, designed and built a mobile solar-powered unit that can be used to execute the running of any small business within a region where there is no electricity available. It also enables the entrepreneur to move the mobile unit without the challenge of being dependent on an electrical grid connection. The unit is equipped with satellite internet and Wi-Fi, as well as the option to have a DStv connection. It also makes provision for different solar system designs, depending on business needs and loads within the business.

The business possibilities include: cell phone charging, internet banking, e-business, internet cafes, commercial business, service provision and entertainment, take away foods, a general dealer, butchery and much more.

GM Solar is registered as a training provider with the Electrical and Water Sector Education and Training Authority.

GM Graphix has been an MPS customer for many years, and bought the very first MPS press sold in South Africa. The new MPS EF 340 press will be used to expand GM Graphix’s printing capacity, especially in shorter print runs. The sale was handled by MPS’s local representative Rotocon.

GM Graphix has specified UV LED, to be supplied by Phoseon, in order to meet the growing demand in South Africa for lower cost and security of energy supply. Phoseon UV LED technology offers energy savings of up to 50 percent and more, it is claimed, as well as having instant on/off capability to deal with power outages and fluctuations. Paragon Inks was also involved with the sale through its collaboration with Phoseon for the development of UV LED ink.

Pieter Massyn, owner of GM Graphix, is grateful for the cooperation between MPS, Phoseon and Paragon Inks, and that they are able to provide an, ‘effective solution for the energy supply challenges we are facing in South Africa’.

‘With this leading LED curing solution in our new MPS press, we will increase our productivity while saving a considerable amount of cost and energy.’

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