Glunz & Jensen Announces iCtP PlateWriter 3600 PRO


The iCtP PlateWriter 3600 PRO is an affordable, inkjet Computer-to-Plate system which produces press-ready aluminium plates for small to mid-size commercial printers and small newspapers with daylight operation and without the use of chemical processing.

This small footprint iCtP solution is completely self-contained and its chemical-free approach means no additional equipment (such as chemical processors or washout units) is required.

The PlateWriter 3600 PRO produces between 8–17 digital CtP plates per hour (size dependent) up to 91,4cm (36 inches) wide, and delivers accurate registration and high quality FM and AM screening (up to 200 lpi) suitable for four-colour process printing. In addition, the semi-automated plate registration system provides a versatile plate handling approach so multiple plate sizes and gauges can be used in parallel, with no changes.

This makes the Glunz & Jensen PlateWriter 3600 PRO suitable for commercial printers or small newspapers with one or more printing presses.

The PlateWriter 3600 PRO applies a Liquid Dot image onto non-photosensitive aluminium printing plates. The imaged plates are manually fed through the integrated finishing unit which bakes the plates and bonds the ‘liquid dots’ to the plate surface, then gums and dries the plates making them capable of printing up to 50000 impressions on press. A Harlequin-based Xitron RIP, PC hardware, monitor and keyboard/mouse is included.

The PlateWriter 3600 PRO has the lowest energy usage in its class and it eliminates water usage, chemicals and disposal costs associated, remaining environmentally-friendly as compared with more traditional platemaking methods.

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