Funeral Home Installs Xerox Versant 180 Digital Press


A good printer is an essential tool for a funeral home. Choosing a photograph of a loved one for the memorial booklet is not a simple matter, particularly in times of mourning.

Kobus Herbst, owner of Martin’s Funerals Randburg, said that in the celebration of each unique life, it is important to provide an individual experience. Funeral programmes and memorial booklets should therefore be as unique as possible.

Using the Xerox Versant 180, Martin’s Funerals Randburg prints funeral programmes in-house on different types of paper stock and with different finishes. Each programme is printed to the highest quality standards, and much of the process is automated.

‘This wasn’t always the case, and the Xerox machine has changed our lives. Our old competitor machine was too small and couldn’t handle the finishing options and different types of stocks. We were doing everything manually and my wife was working through the night,’ Herbst said.

‘The extra time the Xerox Versant 180 has gained us has given us the ability to offer even more personal service,’ Herbst explained.

The solution for Martin’s Funerals Randburg was put together by Hentschel Adams from Xerox’s business partner in Sandton, Xerox Document Excellence. The Xerox Versant 180 was installed at the Randburg branch of Martin’s Funerals where the highest volume of programmes is printed. Adams also suggested replacement printers for Herbst’s other branches and consequently the Xerox SC2020 was installed at remote branches such as Witbank, Middelburg, and Belfast, replacing existing competitor printers.

These have also saved Martin’s Funerals Randburg time and money, but Herbst said that the Xerox Versant 180 has made the biggest impact on the business. ‘Downtime with our previous printers was always an issue and caused us to outsource some of our work, costing us more money. We wanted to do everything in-house and automate the process as much as possible to save time and reduce costs. With the Xerox Versant 180, our printing cost is minimal, and the efficiency, flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness it offers have resulted in savings across the board with 99% up time.’

‘The Xerox Versant 180 was built with dependable high-speed printing in mind, providing an average of up to 80,000 prints per month. It delivers a unique suite of automated workflows, runtime features and production support tools, making it an ideal choice for Martin’s Funerals Randburg,’ Adams explained.

The printer’s automated image-to-media alignment ensures each page is perfectly registered and aligned, saving time and eliminating waste, and its automated image transfer adjustment ensures excellent print quality on every stock—smooth, textured or unique—by optimising toner coverage based on media type.

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