Fujifilm has released its XMF PrintCentre V5 and is now available from Fujifilm. The PrintCentre boasts automatic functions to efficiently manage VDP, additional security for B2B Web stores and enhanced administration capabilities.

XMF PrintCentre allows PSPs to create multiple e-commerce Web stores and manages the whole print buying process from online purchasing through to delivering print-ready PDF files into any PDF print production system, including Fujifilm’s XMF Workflow.

Fujifilm has equipped XMF PrintCentre V5 with advanced functionalities to improve the efficiency within different work environments. An auto-fit capability included within the online job editor has now been introduced to intelligently adjust variable data text in order to fit the space allocated. Consequently, users can save time as they no longer need to redesign the template or use alternative text when the text supplied is too long.

Another additional feature related to VDP that has been incorporated into XMF PrintCentre V5 is auto format. This allows the variable data sets to be automatically reformatted to omit any gaps, in case not all data fields have been completed. A business card where not all the contact information is available, for instance, would be automatically adapted according to the details provided so that it looks consistent with all other entries. These new VDP features are an expansion of the many capabilities that already exist to simplify the production of variable data print.

New updates have also been applied to the back office of XMF PrintCentre. Firstly, it’s now possible to handle tax calculations using multiple rates. Secondly, in addition to the capability to publicly show the home page of B2B Web stores, but only allow access with a given username and password, XMF PrintCentre V5 can now also provide an extra security layer to hide the entire Web store behind a login screen for maximum protection. Changes have also been made to allow pricing information to be removed.

This is particularly useful in scenarios where costs are managed centrally, but the ability to order print is given only to nominated registered users, such as single retail stores.

Several other additions to the XMF PrintCentre back office system include the ability to copy and modify existing products in a web store to speed up the creation of new products, as well as the ability to provide more choice as to how the final PDF files are delivered to various print locations to support a wider range of print production workflow systems.

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