Fujifilm is celebrating its 80th anniversary and has created a new corporate slogan: ‘Value from Innovation’. The company will adopt the slogan, introduced by its CEO, Shigetaka Komori, for its global operations.

Fujifilm Holdings has carried out a series of structural reforms and moved away from its core business of photographic film to a diverse array of business operations.

The Fujifilm Group is focused on and investing management resources in the following business fields: Healthcare and beauty products, Graphic Systems, Optical Devices, Digital Imaging and Document Solutions. The new corporate slogan has been created to demonstrate the new direction Fujifilm is taking, and its future objectives.

The slogan expresses Fujifilm’s commitment to deepening communications with its customers and all other stakeholders, and to further enhancing the value of the company’s corporate brand.

The Fujifilm Group will use the slogan for its global operations and under this slogan, will continue to utilise its cutting-edge, original technologies to create products and services that address the true needs of global customers and provide new values.