Fiery And Ricoh Europe Launch Two New DFE’s For New Ricoh Digital Colour Sheetfed Press

Fiery And Ricoh Europe Launch Two New DFEs For New Ricoh Digital Colour Sheetfed Press

RICOH Pro C7500 digital colour sheetfed press customers have a choice of Fiery Color Controller N-70A, based on the high-performance Fiery NX Premium platform, or Fiery Color Controller N-50A, based on the Fiery NX Pro platform.

The Fiery Driven™ RICOH Pro C7500 enables the use of neon pink and neon yellow as gamut expanding toners to brighten, smooth, and highlight images and skin tones, improve spot colour accuracy, and amplify visual impact. Both neon pink and neon yellow can be calibrated and profiled to ensure consistent, uniform visual output. And, with brand new, built-in CMYK+ factory colour profiles that leverage exclusive Fiery Edge™ technology, it’s simple for Ricoh customers to use the gamut expanding capabilities with no additional design work required.

Customers have the option to create dramatic effects using clear, white, invisible red, gold, or silver as specialty colours. White toner can be calibrated to ensure smooth, consistent output when printing on dark media. In addition, customers can create their own custom metallic spot colour recipes that include gold or silver toners with CMYK using Fiery Spot Pro, included with Fiery Color Controller N-70A.

‘Once again, we have partnered with Fiery to drive operational effectiveness for the RICOH Pro C7500,’ said Eef de Ridder, Vice President, Graphic Communications Group, Ricoh Europe. ‘With the Fiery DFEs, our clients will be able to take full advantage of the RICOH Pro C7500’s expanded colour gamut capabilities to elevate print quality and deliver on the evolving demands of their clients while reducing workload and improving print margins.’

Both Fiery servers enable print providers to produce more jobs per shift with faster job processing times and 40% faster application launch times. Plus, Fiery Color Controller N-70A, with built-in Fiery HyperRIP™ technology, delivers maximum horsepower to process multiple jobs simultaneously or, for large files, split a job into multiple parts across multiple RIPs. This enables operators to turn jobs around faster, optimise press capacity, and accept additional work to boost revenue.

Users save hours per week of valuable production time with built-in Fiery features. The award-winning Fiery JobExpert intelligent automation technology leverages advanced proprietary algorithms to reduce job setup time by automatically analysing and selecting the right colour and imaging settings. With Fiery JobFlow Base, customers can set up one click workflows that automate job submission and other job prep tasks for ready-to-print files. With the included Fiery Impose on Fiery Color Controller N-70A, users can automate imposition tasks and apply templates for offline finishers from Duplo, Graphic Whizard, MBM, Horizon, Morgana, Standard, and Plockmatic, eliminating manual data entry and setup, saving up to 70% in job prep time.

The Media Catalogue makes media management a breeze by enabling a single entry for a media type, grouping multiple sizes together, and automatically applying calibration and colour profiles to all.

Integration with the Pro C7500’s inline sensor enables automated colour calibration, including neon pink and neon yellow, for increased operator productivity and colour consistency.

Customers can establish broad, business-wide integration with industry standard MIS or Web-to-print solutions using Fiery JDF, or rapidly develop live, bi-directional integration with homegrown software or web services for their unique workflow automation needs using Fiery API.


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