Fedrigoni Group Launches Collection Of Sustainable Papers

Fedrigoni Group Announces Collection Of Sustainable Papers

The world of luxury is increasingly looking for natural-looking, natural content papers that are elegant, high-performing, and can guarantee the necessary strength and resistance to folding. New Materia Viva papers are inspired by nature. The collection of innovative and sustainable papers brings together nine high-quality product lines.

Materia Viva is a vast collection of high-quality, high recycled content papers – between 20% and 100% – made with natural cellulose-alternative fibres such as cotton and hemp (exclusively from FSC® certified forests), some of which are new but some of which have been available in the company’s portfolio since 1996 and have been revisited and improved.

‘We have been pushing ourselves beyond the limits of technology for more than 20 years, to open ourselves up to new sustainable, creative possibilities,’ explained Micaela Di Trana, Marketing & R&D VP at Fedrigoni Paper. ‘With each sheet of paper, we reduce the impact of our supply chain on the environment and at the same time we elevate the creativity of the brands, designers, printers and converters who we work with. We do this at every stage of our production cycle: from the extraction of raw materials to the manufacture and distribution of the finished product, to the use and disposal of the material that composes it. Being sustainable for us means being creative, and daring to try alternative solutions to generate change. Our mission is elevating creativity.’

The papers come in a customisable box and are each presented by a special card that ‘speaks’ in the first person through a photo of a landscape that matches the paper. These are technologically advanced solutions that respond to any packaging or printing need, however sophisticated, while fully respecting people and the environment.

Among the most recent and innovative proposals, Materia Viva includes the Symbol Card Eco50 and Symbol Card Eco100 range of recycled papers, with up to 100% recycled fibre content, characterised by a double-blade coating on one side for a satin finish (plus the Symbol Card Eco100 2sc double-coated, 100% recycled version). Freelife Cento is a premium natural paper, also 100% recycled, available in three versions: smooth black, extra white smooth and extra white rough.

Other lines were already available and have been refined further. Arena is an extremely versatile collection of white and ivory papers that provides a choice from a wide variety of weights, formats, finishes and shades. It is an ideal paper for making beautiful boxes for high-end items and is now enhanced by a 50% recycled content version.

There is also Arena Eco50 Extra White Smooth; Materica, which is more tactile and softer, made of 20% recycled material and 10% cotton fibres and is available in natural colours including four new trendy shades: Yellow Earth, Terracotta, Rust and Quarz. Woodstock is 80% recycled and available in 16 different colours. Old Mill Eco40 is a natural white paper characterised by an elegant, felt-marked surface and is available in a 40% recycled content version. Life is now up to 100% recycled, along with Symbol Freelife, a wide range of papers with a matt coating and 40% minimum guaranteed recycled content.


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