EyeC Showcasing Latest Developments For Inspection Of Packaging Materials


The combination of the Versor Inspector module and the EyeC ProofRunner Carton Folder Gluer enables 100% print inspection on an existing folder gluer, allowing printers to meet the highest quality standards, such as the ones required for pharmaceutical print products, at maximum productivity.

The EyeC Proofiler Graphic simplifies pre-press inspection and helps users avoid potential errors before the press plates are produced. EyeC also provides solutions for automated PDF proofing within advanced workflow systems, such as the Esko Automation Engine.

EyeC Proofiler 600 DT is a proven solution in the printing and pharmaceutical industry for print sample testing. The system ensures the quality of text, graphics, Braille, as well as 1D and 2D codes, while meeting the latest requirements in terms of data integrity, data security and audit trail. In addition, an enhanced pharma workflow allows a central, database-driven audit trailing.

These quality control solutions will be showcased to the packaging industry at FachPack from 24-26 September.

EYEC https://www.eyec-inspection.com

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