Esko Unveils Latest Generation Of Software


Enhanced test charts, Crystal Screens for flexo, and white ink optimisation for flexible packaging are some of the innovative features included in Print Control Wizard 20.0, the newest release of Print Control Wizard software from Esko.

‘Print Control Wizard was developed in response to industry calls to simplify the implementation of screens and dot gain curves, and we wanted to build on our immediate success with this new version,’ said Robert Bruce, RIP and Screening Product Manager with Esko. ‘That’s why we’ve added integrated colour management tools and introduced a new implementation process. For example, while global standards call for three press trials to implement a flexo project, from optimisation with single screen testing, through characterisation with colour management and fingerprint for dot gain, Print Control Wizard 20.0 users can now go straight to fingerprinting. This offers a significant reduction in cost and therefore press time too.’

Print Control Wizard 20.0 boasts a raft of new efficiency-driving features, including:

Improved test chart layout: the number of press trials required to create screens and curves to implement flexo projects has been reduced from two to one, bringing faster analysis of a new print condition and significant efficiency gains. The wizard now includes a 4-colour test chart and allows users to produce fingerprint charts, while a fast scan mode for minimum dot calibration reduces the time spent on each job

Improvements to award-winning, wizard-style interface: the new Color Engine Pilot interface not only features a new screens and curves view but also enables users to access all Esko screening assets in one application.

Platemaking wizard: a central storage location for Esko CDI set up. This new tool uses built-in guides to help the user set up their CDI plate imager, ensuring optimal performance in the quickest time.

Reporting: new fully-automated and customisable fingerprint reports are now available with just one touch of a button.

New Crystal screens for UV Flexo: using the same process-driven user interface for both flexible packaging and UV Flexo, this brand new module delivers simplified Print Control Wizard functionality and custom screens for UV Flexo, with support for both Pixel+ and non-Pixel+ CDIs.

White ink optimisation for flexible packaging: boosting performance of the most common (and most costly) ink used in flexible packaging. With Print Control Wizard 20.0, the opacity, mottle and weight of white ink is controlled and optimised automatically, improving print quality, enhancing image reproduction and reducing ink consumption costs.

Originally released only last year, Print Control Wizard was designed to improve the flexo plate making process and flexographic print quality via Crystal Screens. It offers a simplified, standardised approach to take process parameters like ink, printing press, substrate and anilox into consideration for screen and curve creation, outputting a set of crystal screens and curves used for plate exposure on a CDI Crystal XPS, resulting in the most optimal flexo print quality.

‘Our goal was to provide flexographic experts with the tools to standardise and simplify screen and curve creation, enabling them to achieve the best quality results without additional steps and checks being added to the process, he said. ‘After Print Control Wizard was honoured with a number of top industry awards, we have been working tirelessly to develop these new enhancements. We are delighted to now release this new version as we continue supporting the work of print and packaging specialists across the sector.’

Print Control Wizard 20.0 is just one of a host of new innovative features and updates Esko has unveiled as part of its integrated software portfolio, Esko Software 20. The significant new developments bring even more innovation and functionality to the Esko suite of software solutions as part of its continuing drive to deliver operational efficiency improvements to the packaging value chain in tandem with outstanding value to customers. Free to Esko Software Care Plan customers, the latest software release incorporates solutions such as ArtiosCAD 20, Automation Engine 20, Studio 20 and efficiency-driving updates to Share and Approve.

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