Esko Announces Plate Imaging And Exposure Hardware Installation

Esko Announces Plate Imaging And Exposure Hardware Installation

Miller Graphics Group has added Esko’s Crystal line of plate imaging and exposure hardware to its facilities in Beauvais, France and Sunne, Sweden. A CDI Crystal 5080 XPS with PlateHandler has been installed, giving a consolidated, fully automated platemaking workflow delivering enhanced plate quality and increased production stability in the print tool departments.

Miller Graphics Group has invested in the latest technology from Esko to become the first company to fully automate the platemaking process in the French and Swedish markets.

The Esko solution has been chosen following a programme of advanced testing. The involved Miller Graphics team members were impressed with the quality gains that the Crystal line offered. ‘The automation ensures total accuracy and exceptional results for our customers. This is of great importance to us and our customers, who expect the very high-quality for which we are renowned,’ was their conclusion.

Isabelle Manche, Esko Regional Business Director EMEA West, said the combination of Crystal screening technology and Esko automation means that Miller Graphics has complete control over the quality and performance of its plates and their subsequent print consistency. ‘It delivers improved consistency and ensures the platemaking process is now much less complex with significantly fewer steps,’ she said.

Miller Graphics has always been at the forefront of technology in terms of using next generation innovations to provide its customers with the best quality and service. Investing in this solution ensures the company remains at the cutting edge and is best placed to both meet the challenges of today and the future.

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