Epson Launches The SureColor SC-P5000

The SureColor SC-P5000 43.18cm (17 inch) printer includes a vast array of key features. Designed for proofing applications, the printer can be selected with a violet or LLK inkset, and can achieve near-perfect colour matching of up to 99% of Pantone Solid Coated Colours (1).
The printer has been designed to replace the popular Stylus Pro 4900 and to complete the SureColor range with HDX ink, which also includes the SC-P7000 60.96cm (24-inch) and SC-P9000 111.76cm (44-inch). It’s available in two options, one with an inkset including violet for pre-press proofing by advertisers, manufacturers and designers, to ensure accurate packaging, marketing materials and corporate colours. The other features an LLK inkset, and is aimed at professional photographers and fine artists who wish to reproduce the detail, colours and contrast of their original artwork perfectly.
Vernon Mellors, business account manager at Epson South Africa, said, ‘With the new SC-P5000, colours are so precise that you can print in complete confidence, knowing the exact colour you want will be perfectly reproduced in the finished print. And you don’t even need to be an expert to get these results, the printer is extremely simple to set up and use, and offers outstanding reliability.’
The SC-P5000 has an array of newly developed or enhanced features to ensure reliable day-to-day operation and minimise maintenance. These include new covers and seals to limit dust intrusion, an improved automatic nozzle check, and a guided cleaning procedure.
Colour accuracy is matched only by print quality in the SC-P5000, which uses Epson’s advanced printhead technology to make high-resolution, long-lasting prints. 3.5pl droplet size and 2880 x 1440dpi resolution ensure crisp, detailed results, while Ultrachrome HDX inks offer much improved lightfastness. The SC-P5000 fits seamlessly into any proofing workflow, and is capable of automated proof checking with the SpectroProofer installed. The new printer is supported by all major RIP and software vendors.
The SureColor SC-P5000 is available through Epson Authorised LFP Partners in four variants, (STD or Violet, with or without SpectroProofer).
Key features:
  • First and only 43.18cm (17 inch) large format printer with violet ink for proofing purposes.
  • Also available in x LLK ink configuration (1) for fine art and pro-photography.
  • Both variants can be supplied with or without SpectroProofer.
  • SpectroProofer has an ILS30 spectrometer, enabling an automatic proofing workflow that meets the current M1 standard.
  • Auto nozzle check (NVT) to prevent clogging.
  • Enhanced user interface panel with integrated guides.
  • Improved light-fastness of inks gives for an extra 15 years' stability (in comparison with Stylus Pro 4900 – 60 years instead of 45).
  • New yellow ink formulation with increased particle size for higher lightfastness.
  • New covers, seals and anti-static cloths to reduce dust intrusion.
  • High 2880 x 1440dpi resolution.
  • Timer cleaning (TCL) to automate cleaning process.
  • Static electricity prevention on media and platen to prevent banding.
  • Internal colour calibrator (Ink Mark Sensor IMS) to align output between different EPSON SC-P series models and prevent age and environmental colour deviation.
  • Simple media switching between roll and sheet media.
  • Easy media handling with step by step guide on Colour LCD panel.
  • Can print from paper cassette, or on roll paper, single sheet or fine art paper.
  • Larger ink cartridge volume (200ml) and smaller ink drop size (3.5pl) than competing products.
  • Smaller footprint than equivalent printers. 
(1) When using violet inkset. 98% accuracy can be achieved using LLK inkset. Tested using Epson white semi-matte proofing paper.
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