Epson Announces New Printheads

Epson Announces New Printheads

Epson’s new products will expand the company’s offerings in the PrecisionCore printhead series and enable them to support an even broader range of industrial and other digital printing environments, for applications such as marking/coding, signage and printed electronics.

From the first half of the 2023 fiscal year beginning April 2023, Epson will launch sales of two new models of inkjet printheads that support solvent inks. The new I3200(8)-S1HD and S800-S1 are compatible with a wide variety of inks used for industrial applications. In addition to aqueous, UV-cured, and eco-solvent inks, they support oil-based, solvent, and other types of inks for digital printing applications in production printing.

The I3200(8)-S1HD can handle up to eight colours of ink and deliver resolutions up to 1200dpi, enabling the rendering of high-resolution images in a variety of situations.

The S800-S1 is equipped with only one chip. Its compact design helps to improve productivity in printing environments where space is limited.

I3200(8)-S1HD features:

– Compatibility with solvents with high solubility gives this printhead the ability to meet the requirements for printing things such as displays and photovoltaic cells.
– Prints with up to eight colours and easily equips printers for high-quality output.
– Up to eight different colours of ink can be used-and not just CMYK colour inks. Liquids of different types can also be jetted, enabling this printhead to flexibly adapt to industrial printing applications. It also delivers 1200dpi high-definition image quality, making it ideal for high-speed single-pass as well as multi-pass printing.

S800-S1 compact design

The S800-S1 is compatible with the same inks as the I3200(8)-S1HD, but the single-chip design enables it to print where space is limited, as well as print in close proximity to substrates with a 3D surface.

The two new products will enable the implementation of inkjet printing technology in new fields, particularly in industrial printing applications.


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