Enprom Launches Latest Sleeve Seaming Solution


The eRS2T3 has been developed to meet the high productivity demands of the labelling market. The new machine is driven by 8 servo motors and includes two independent tension controls on both the unwinder and rewinder to avoid errors and alterations in the width of labels.

The new solution features a non-stop 3-shaft turret rewinder and is based in Enprom’s patented Smart Wheel innovation, a motorised roller solvent application system providing unmatched seaming reliability.

Designed to perform splices at 500m/min, the time required to perform a reel discharge cycle is reduced by almost 50%, thereby enabling high speed functionality and it can be controlled by a single operator. In addition, the eRS2T3 includes advanced ergonomics and provides an increased focus on safety, incorporating an infrared barrier to safeguard operators.

This latest development creates added-value to the labelling market by improving productivity, increasing efficiency, quality and reducing operating cost and waste by more than 15%.


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