Enfocus has launched Connect YOU, which will replace Instant PDF and bring expanded functionality for all customers. Connect YOU delivers more built-in power for high quality PDF creation and verification along with new compatibility with the latest Adobe®Creative Suite® applications and more.

It generates small customizable applets called Connectors, which offers simple one-click of drag and drop functionality. Connectors are accessed through a new Export as Certified PDF menu within Adobe®, InDesign® or Illustrator® CS5/6, or via a named printer driver in any other application, for instance CorelDRAW® or Microsoft Publisher. Any number of Connectors can be generated, with different settings and different uploading targets where needed.

Connect YOU is part of the announced Enfocus Connect 11 family. The other application within the family is Connect ALL, enabling print service providers, publishers and creative agencies to facilitate easy job delivery by outside clients. Connect ALL enables users to generate unlimited number of Connectors that they can supply to their outside clients. Connect YOU Connectors have the same range of functions and options but can only be used on the workstation that created them.