Enfocus And AccuZIP Collaborate For Direct Mail Configurator


Enfocus and AccuZIP have developed a Connector that links Enfocus Switch and AccuZIP, called the AccuZIP Direct Mail Configurator, it was announced yesterday. The AccuZIP Direct Mail Configurator permits Direct Mail and Fulfillment services to integrate a complete, end-to-end postal automation workflow with 100% visibility of all mail-pieces in the mail stream. It is the first Enfocus Switch Configurator for the Direct Mail segment.

The Configurator can be placed within an existing web-to-print workflow, as it significantly reduces labor costs associated with manual preparation of a mailing list for entry into the mail-stream. The AccuZIP Direct Mail Configurator even generates EDDM lists on the fly, so that workflows can seamlessly provide saturation lists for any ZIP code or area in the country, within the same workflow.
The AccuZIP Direct Mail Configurator integrates the first Enfocus Switch Configurator for complete Data Quality and Direct Mail processing; no programming is necessary. Users simply drop the AccuZIP Direct Mail Configurator into the existing Enfocus Switch workflow. With an API key from AccuZIP, users get instant access to EDDM List creation, CASS certification, NCOALink processing, duplicate detection, PAVE presort, full-service mail.dat eDocs, hard copy Postage Statements, and print-ready files for 100% unattended operation. 
Several customers are already using the AccuZIP Direct Mail Configurator, and have expressed “amazement” over the abiity to integrate their complete Direct Mail processing into existing Switch workflows with this simple tool. In addition to standard mail jobs, users can combine and batch several print jobs together in the flow, for additional mail cost savings.

Kristen McKiernan, AccuZIP President said, ‘AccuZIP sites have become accustomed to using our powerful, built-in scripting features for 100% automation and unattended processing, and so integrating with Enfocus Switch is a natural fit. This is an invaluable tool that will increase revenue and reduce costs. By combining the full benefits of Switch workflow automation and the Direct Mail expertise and functionality of AccuZIP, we have brought together two of the industry’s leading software providers, resulting in a revolutionary solution.’

‘We are excited to debut, along with partner AccuZIP, this new Direct Mail and data-focused configurator,’ said Bjorn Willems, Director of Product Management at Enfocus. ‘Higher customer satisfaction is both Enfocus and AccuZIP’s aim, and so we are proud that this partnership will make that happen. Professional mailers will increase productivity and accuracy, as well as maximize automation capabilities of their complete, end-to-end postal processes.’

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