EFI LED Inkjet Printer Allows Company To Expand Offerings In Corrugated Digital Printing


The EFI Nozomi C18000 is part of a complete ecosystem for corrugated manufacturing available from EFI, with Genuine EFI Inks, Fiery DFE technology and a complete EFI Corrugated Packaging Suite business and production management workflow.

Digit Pack, a relatively new company in the corrugated sector in Poland, has invested in the EFI Nozomi C18000 six-colour, single-pass LED inkjet printer from EFI. The new printer will allow Digit Pack to expand its business in corrugated digital printing, partaking in the exciting and growing opportunities of the sector’s digitisation.

‘A few years ago, I noticed the growing pace of development of digital printing in the corrugated market,’ said Digit Pack Owner and President Paweł Rogalka. ‘When I saw the Nozomi C18000, I could tell that it was the future because this technology is part of the implementation of Industry 4.0 and digitisation in the corrugated packaging business.

‘I like innovations, challenges and large-scale activities,’ he added. ‘These three factors prompted me to invest in the Nozomi.’ With this new investment, Digit Pack will build the core of its business around the Nozomi. ‘The digital printing house will be the heart of the business,’ said Rogalka. ‘The Nozomi is a smart and reliably constructed printer with high-quality imaging and superior performance. It also offers us high efficiency, reliability and a wide spectrum of printing possibilities. We are confident that this machine will help us become the leading digital printing house for box makers in Poland.’

Headquartered in Poznań, Digit Pack was founded in 2015 primarily to perform R&D on an automated technical testing product for corrugated board. Once the prototype of the device was ready at the end of 2018, Rogalka saw the growing potential of digital printing in the corrugated market. The company opened a new building – where the EFI Nozomi C18000 printer will be installed.

‘We are very excited to work with Digit Pack in such an exciting and growing market, but more so to show this customer the full potential of the EFI Nozomi C18000 printer,’ said EFI Building Materials and Packaging Vice President and General Manager Evandro Matteucci. ‘Digit Pack is a real innovator, and I am confident that we will help this customer build a successful future.’

The 1.8m (71 inch) wide EFI Nozomi C18000 prints up to 75 linear metres (246 linear feet) per minute, printing up to 10,000 boards 890 x 890mm (35 x 35 inch) per hour two-up. Its single-pass, piezo inkjet imaging system delivers accurate, high-fidelity colour, including consistent reproduction on solid areas. The Nozomi is also the leading single-pass corrugated production device in terms of power consumption efficiency after having achieved the Fogra ISO 20690 Standard. Digit Pack’s new printer has a six-colour configuration (CMYK, orange and violet) for superior quality and expanded gamut imaging with matte, satin or glossy finishes.

The printer is also the only ultra-high-speed, single-pass corrugated inkjet printer to have its output certified for OCC recyclability and repulpability by the Western Michigan University Recycling, Paper and Coating Pilot Plant – a leading certification organisation for corrugated recycling. Additionally, Nozomi inks are GREENGUARD Certified, meeting some of the world’s most rigorous and comprehensive standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds into indoor air.

Digit Pack’s new installation includes an EFI Fiery NZ-1000 digital front end (DFE) to drive the printer. It provides outstanding print and colour quality, with extensive features to make print results truly exceptional. With the advanced Fiery DFE, the company will have more ways to automate and manage workflows and flexibly schedule jobs. The Fiery DFE also provides blazing fast performance for cost-effective production on short and long runs, as well as on variable and versioned jobs.

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