Eagle Systems Installs Cold Foil System

Eagle Systems Installs Cold Foil System.
Kace Gavin, Rohrer System.

The Eagle Cold Foil System, which will operate in-line with a Komori LSX40 offset printing press, has now been operational at Rohrer Corporations production facility in Buford, Georgia since mid-December.

‘Using state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies has historically established Rohrer as a production leader and positioned us as a reliable and capable partner with customers,’ noted Dave Burkhart, Rohrer director of operations in Buford. ‘The Eagle System furthers this strategy by delivering the best cold foil option for our customers’ projects. From the very first day of installation, we began appreciating how much faster and efficiently this facility could foil-enhance jobs.’

Buford printing manager Danny Nash agreed, ‘We’re running foil faster than some of our other printing presses. Efficiency and uptime is critical to our business, and the Eagle System is helping us with profitability and production quality. Make-ready is accelerated, as is total turnaround. These factors alone have made us a better partner for our customers and are translating into increased client satisfaction.’

In choosing Eagle, Rohrer relied on much of their own primary industry research. ‘In the end, Eagle’s reputation preceded itself. Just about everyone we spoke with pointed us back to this Ocean, New Jersey manufacturer. They really have established a long-standing and proven name for both reliability and pinnacle quality,’ pointed out Burkhart.

Rohrer believes that true partners make the perfect package. ‘We’re glad to have Eagle Systems working with us to help us provide better cold-foil options for our customer partners,’ added Sarah Carson, director of marketing. ‘So when we help brand managers accentuate their packaging and take awareness to a new level, it’s another promotional advantage we can use. The result is a production tool that cements client bonds by supporting both their marketing goals and bottom line projections.’

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