Since its launch at drupa 2012 in May, a score of Duplos DBMi systems have been installed in a range of countries including the UK, USA, Germany, Finland, Belgium, Spain and Ireland. It was also one of the highlights on the Kemtek stand at the 2012 Africa Print Expo in Johannesburg in August and has been nominated for the German International Print Technology Award 2012.

Designed for today’s busy printer the system, which provides versatile and flexible solutions for the current saddle stitching market consists of two or four Hohner stitching heads and up to six DSC-10/60i suction collators, which have intelligent feeding capabilities for custom feed sequences. In the duetto configuration, the operator can choose whether to produce books from the towers or the sheet feeder, the latter to be used to finish pre-collated, digitally printed material.

The user friendly DBMi system offers state of the art intelligent automation, leading to a reduction in set up times and costs, making it perfect for short run digital and higher volume offset print book production. The PC controller allows storing an infinite number of job programs, leaving the operator to simply click on a job number setting up the entire system within 60 seconds.  A large range of book sizes and thicknesses are available to cover all of the printer’s requirements. Books up to 120 pages (3mm) can be produced and even the more and more popular A4 landscape format presents no problem for this versatile system.

The system can handle a large variety of paper sizes:
Max sheet size: 356mm (W) x 610mm (L)
Min sheet size: 120mm (W) x 210mm (L)
Finished (trimmed) book size in one-up production:
Min: 120mm (W) x 75mm (L); Max: 356mm (W) x 304mm (L)
Finished (trimmed) book size in two-up production, using gutter cut option:
Min: 114mm (W) x 75mm (L); Max: 174mm (W) x 304mm (L)
(min size can be reduced to 90mm(W) x 75mm (L) with single stitch)

The system’s range of inbuilt features such as double and miss sheet detection, paper jam and stitching sensors ensure that it operates with utmost precision and accuracy at all times, which ultimately reduces wastage.

Finished books are presented onto an external delivery conveyor to allow for easy off loading, whilst all trim waste is delivered automatically into an external hopper for recycling.

The DBMi can be used for a wide range of applications such as

    •    Brochures and catalogues.
    •    Car /boat and  luxury sales brochures (A4 landscape).
    •    Instruction manuals- mobile phones/games, cameras.
    •    Educational course work – schools and universities.
    •    CD and CD Rom books.
    •    Menus.
    •    Medical Journals.
    •    Programmes – sport, theatre and music events.
    •    Loop stitched and  2 hole punched books for ring bound applications.
    •    Advertising and Publishing manuals.
    •    Tourist industry – Travel brochures, and guides.
    •    Financial markets for producing personalised reports.

A Hereford based commercial printer bought the DBMi system recently to extend their production. It will replace a six year old Duplo system that served them well but the need for more productivity and the possibility of better quality convinced the owner to make the investment. 

A similar system installed a few months ago in Northern Ireland produces about 100000 books a week now, significantly increasing the productivity of the printshop.