Denton Office Solutions Exhibits DSB Binder At Africa Print Expo


Denton Office Solutions (DOS) exhibited the DSB and Prima Binders at the Africa Print expo in Cape Town from 11-12 May 2016 at the CTICC.

The DSB binder is an elegant, powerful and multi-functional dual binding system for the total solution of combing and wiring. It is built for commercial and professional use and comprises a safe sensor for the over loading of punching scraps. It is powered by an electrical motor for the CW-4500 and a manual motor for the CW-350.

The company is also showcasing the Prima Binder Opera 42, the highest level of YouBind binders. Opera 42 punches holes and, in addition to YouBind binding, it also produces booklets with traditional plastic spines. The pages of the book are punched with the same type of holes drilled for plastic spines, but the spines, which bind them, are made of paper. The spine has the form of a flat comb (papercomb). It folds the teeth of the comb on themselves to lock the pages and create the spine of the book.

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