CRON ECRM Presents HDI Flexo System


CRON ECRM announced entry into the digital flexo imaging market segment with the HDI Flexo system, an offering within a family of products that will be dedicated to the needs of label, packaging, carton and corrugated printers.

The CRON-ECRM HDI flexo redefines affordability. Just two years ago, the company launched a full product line of UV and Thermal platesetters for the offset print market that set new value standards.
Rick Black, president and CEO, CRON-ECRM noted, ‘High quality imaging with low cost of ownership is what will get the attention of the marketplace. Whether they are looking to purchase their first system or a replacement for existing equipment, the new CRON-ECRM HDI Flexo will meet both their production and budget needs.’
In addition to its small, compact footprint, this innovative flexographic platesetter is capable of imaging at resolutions up to 9600 dpi. The CRON-ECRM HDI family produces the highest quality letterpress and flexographic plates, as well as ablative films. Furthermore, by using individual fibre-coupled diodes, users benefit from redundancy, eliminating production downtime in the rare event of laser failure.

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