Contiweb Fluid Applicator Exceeds Fifty Installations

Jens Klingebiel and Oliver Böhm, Mohn Media with Rutger Jansen, Contiweb.

Developed to overcome the high prices associated with ready-made silicone mixtures, the Contiweb Fluid Applicator (CFA) uses a cost-effective pure silicone oil mixture. Comprising large drops of oil, which are slowly absorbed by the paper, this solution remains on the surface for longer compared to the fine droplets produced by a pre-mixed silicone emulsion. This means that less oil is required to achieve good lubrication, reducing operational costs.

The 50th CFA unit was purchased by Mohn Media Mohndruck GmbH, Europe’s leading print and media service provider, specialising in premium books and magazines along with engaging brochures and direct mail applications.

According to Jens Klingebiel, head of technology department, Mohn Media, the company originally invested in the CFA to reduce its soaring silicone costs. ‘Silicone is vital to our print line. It is deployed as a lubricant and used to remoisten the paper. As Europe’s leading print provider, you can imagine the sheer volume of silicone required to maintain our productivity,’ he said.

‘Since installing the CFA, we have slashed our silicone costs by 60 percent. From a business perspective, its quick and seamless integration into our existing workflow ensures that we can maintain our uptime and importantly, maximise the productivity of consistently high-quality projects. Our belief in the CFA and in Contiweb is such that we have installed 14 systems across our facility,’ he added.

Rutger Jansen, CEO at Contiweb concluded, ‘This landmark investment is a testament to Contiweb’s ethos of providing customers with business-enhancing solutions. Originally designed as an upgrade for the Ecocool and Ecoset dryers, the CFA is now also available as a standalone system for customers with other dryers. It combines both the silicone application and remoistening of the substrate in one. This allows companies like Mohn Media to unlock huge cost savings.

‘Mohn Media was in fact, the very first company to install the CFA and is a prime example of how companies can enjoy the cost saving potential of this solution. We are delighted that the company continues to reap the rewards of our solution as it continues to expand its customer database. We are privileged to work with them.’


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