Company Invests In EFI Publication Print Suite

Company Invests In EFI Publication Print Suite

For Mohn Media, a subsidiary of Europe’s largest print business, Bertelsmann Printing Group (BPG), the new ERP workflow is central to a strategic path to strengthen growth businesses and reduce process complexity while, at the same time, increase the degree of automation. The company has adopted the EFI™ Publication Print Suite as its future production ERP platform.

‘This investment is part of a long-term strategic partnership with EFI to provide solutions for CRM, order management, print production and scheduling,’ said Dr. Jörg Bültermann, CIO of Bertelsmann Printing Group. ‘The investment is in line with our strategy of investments in IT and new technologies, the modernisation of our printing plant and comprehensive process standardisation.’

The suite implementation is taking place in phases, with the first part – EFI’s eCRM system for customer relationship management – completed soon. In the implementation’s next phases, the Germany-based company can strategically automate its overall production flow and make smarter decisions.

Designed to meet the unique needs of enterprise publication print organisations, the EFI Publication Print Suite integrates many production activities, automating manufacturing to help businesses control costs, reduce waste and remove inefficiencies.

The suite features advanced EFI Technique ERP software at its core, giving users the benefit of powerful, rules-based system intelligence to produce complex, multi-option estimates in minutes. Automated production workflows in the suite track capacity, bottlenecks, missing components and the impact of schedule changes on job delivery. Plus, the suite’s browser-based request for quote functionality helps drive sales activity and is tied to industry-leading CRM solutions that can help Mohn Media win new business and skilfully manage complex publication contract billing activities. Robust data solutions in the suite give Mohn Media even more capabilities, helping company managers gain visibility and insight into every area of the business.

‘Smart technology is a critical enabler to increase efficiency and profitability and drive market differentiation in today’s publication market, and we are excited to help Mohn Media achieve those using the world’s most advanced workflow solution for magazine and book printing,’ said Gabriel Matsliach, senior vice president and general manager, EFI Productivity Software. ‘By implementing end-to-end-integrated workflows with leading-edge technologies to manage all aspects of publication production, Mohn Media can go even further as a leader while it creates new, data-driven paths to profit and growth.’


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