Company Achieves Smaller Batches And Customisation With Komori Printing Solution


With the aim of embracing the concept of ‘short run packaging’ such as the production of high value-added cases and boxes in small and medium runs, Italian based FastEdit has taken advantage of the potential offered by new digital technologies in the entire production process, including printing, die cutting and embellishment.

These innovative solutions make work more versatile and allow users to drastically cut costs for client companies. For this reason, FastEdit has installed a Komori Impremia IS29. ‘The new Komori is very versatile and qualitatively excellent. The Impremia IS29 that we installed is configured to be able to reproduce 85% of the Pantone gamut, and thanks to its maximum size of 58.5 x 75cm, with immediate polymerisation of its UV inks and to the printing speed, it will become an excellent ally. It also makes it possible to print on plastic supports,’ commented Enio Gabrielli, founder of FastEdit.

The Impremia IS29 offers the possibility to print online even in duplex and its print quality is very close to that of the offset. Its versatility can also be found in the extreme simplicity of the machine changes of jobs, even very different from each other.

‘At the same time as the decision to purchase the new Impremia IS29, I had an idea a little out of the ordinary: to buy a part of the factory of the former Mondadori paper mill here in Ascoli Piceno, which will go alongside the Acquaviva Picena site. What better accommodation for the new Komori?,’ continued Enio Gabrielli. ‘Two new digital printing systems are installed in the new location, a new binding machine and some plotters. Here you will also find a meeting room and the graphic and design studio. With the help of my collaborators, I managed to create a small oasis of excellence in what was over 30 years ago a temple of paper, recognised throughout Europe’.

The technical and commercial staff of Komori Italia has been fundamental for the realisation of this goal, ‘They supported us with professionalism and seriousness throughout the installation period of the system.’

The training period of FastEdit operators is currently underway, and thanks to the collaboration with the Komori staff, the machine is operational and already in production.
‘We will complete the training as soon as the Covid-19 emergency, which forced us to revise and temporarily translate our plans, returns to normal. In fact, we plan to organise, with the contribution of the parent company and especially of Giampaolo Zani, Sales Manager Digital Equipment of Komori, an open house for our partners, our customers and the local press to show them the potential of our investment’, concluded Enio Gabrielli.

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