Colter And Peterson Introduces Paper Cutters


The new heavy duty 114.3cm (45 inch) Saber S115 includes touchscreen controls, automatic knife setting and other benefits. The new 91.44cm (36 inch) Prism P92 is slightly smaller but is just as impressive with precision accuracy due to its high-speed steel knives, rugged durability and programmable, electronic clamp pressure controls.

The knives resist abrasion, stress, shock and impact, and can last up to three times longer between grinding than standard steel knives. The new Prism jogger improves workflow with an air system to improve the transfer of paper or other substrates, with exact alignment before trimming, and other features.

Not only do these machines cut fast and are highly accurate, they offer improved safety features and are flexible enough to handle many types of substrates besides paper. Colter & Peterson will be exhibiting these paper cutters at PRINT 18, taking place from 30 September to 2 October at McCormick Place in Chicago.

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