Colordyne Technologies Announces Release Of 2800 Series Mini Laser Pro


The 2800 Series Mini Laser Pro provides end users, private brands and in-plant printers with on-demand digital label and tag production and in-line lamination and laser die cutting capabilities.

The product is a turnkey solution designed for mid-volume label production. The user can print, laminate and laser die cut labels all in a single-pass on one affordable, compact piece of equipment. With in-line finishing capabilities, users can protect the high resolution aqueous inks with lamination and create custom label shapes and sizes with laser die cutting. Users experience greater flexibility and can produce a broader range of applications in today’s continuously changing and fast-paced production environment.

‘Our customers are looking for a turnkey digital production solution at an affordable price point,’ said Andy Matter, GM of Colordyne Technologies. ‘So, we saw the opportunity to build a mid-range printing platform with flexible in-line finishing that complements our existing 3600 Series Laser Pro. The 2800 Series Mini Laser Pro allows users of any size to improve their flexibility and incorporate variable data into a just-in-time business model, all while reducing costs incurred with traditional label production.’

The 2800 Series Mini Laser Pro is engineered for fast production speeds and high-quality images. The print module uses a single Memjet print head producing full colour, CMYK graphics up to 222.8 millimetres (8.77 inches) wide. It runs up to 18 metres (60 feet) per minute and produces a premium resolution of up to 1600 by 1600dpi. The user-friendly interface and job library allow users of all skill levels to produce even the most complex images and shapes with ease. The 2800 Series Mini Laser Pro can run in three separate modes: print and cut, print only and cut only. This innovative solution eliminates waste and lead times for label orders, improves flexibility to support private branding and personalisation strategies and supports highly variable applications with just-in-time delivery.

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