CGS IC3D Suite Supports Color-Logic File Format


CGS’ 3D visualisation software, IC3D Suite, now supports the Color-Logic file format necessary to print the widely used Process Metallic Colour System. Brand managers and their designers using the CGS system can see the dramatic Color-Logic special effects and metallic colours on their monitors and can visualise packaging prototypes and other materials as they will appear on the finished product.

Discussing the collaboration, Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing, Mark Geeves said, ‘Time to market is a huge issue for brands and the combination of the Color-Logic system and the IC3D Suite speeds up design time by reducing the production of 3D mockups and prototyping.’

Staying competitive in today’s fast-paced packaging world is tough. Brands need to set themselves apart, and being able to take a product package from concept to shelf as quickly and smoothly as possible is vital to staying relevant and profitable. IC3D Suite is the world’s first 3D real-time packaging simulation and design application to combine multiple packaging disciplines in one product; revolutionising package creation and reducing the time spent on 3D mockups and prototypes by at least half.

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