Canon Reports Over 200 Installations Of Inkjet Solution


Canon South Africa has reported close to 250 installations of the VarioPrint i-series. The established B3 sheetfed inkjet solution bridges the speed and capacity gap between high-end, toner-based cutsheet printers and entry-level continuous feed inkjet presses.

It has been recognised by hundreds of customers as a solution for printing large volumes of high quality direct mail, transactional communications, marketing collateral, books, magazines and manuals.

Launched in August 2015, there are now almost 250 installations of the VarioPrint i-series globally and leading European countries include The Netherlands, UK, France, and Germany respectively. More than 20% of the customer base has invested in an additional device.

With the VarioPrint i-series, you can increase productivity by printing more than 400,000 A4 images a day and witness unparalleled uptime of more than 90% at twice the speed of similar devices. Michel Bourrienne, President at Ingenidoc (France), document printing logistics and digital services provider said, ‘The prime benefit has been increased production speeds for printed books and leaflets. We can now print 300 A4 colour pages per minute, more than double what we could achieve previously. With its superb uptime, the VarioPrint i300 gives us the confidence to take orders until midday and still deliver the following day.’

Printing ink on sheets of standard offset papers at high speed is enabled by using ColorGrip primer technology. The iQuarius MX inks on the VarioPrint i-series are designed for customers working with offset coated papers for high quality graphic arts applications. We’ve worked closely with our installed base of customers on quality enhancements and added functions over the last year so they can benefit from superior image quality settings with even more colour gamut, smoothness and deeper blacks.’

Customers can print a mix of mono and colour on over 1000 tested and approved media, all on one device. Compared with offset, productivity is enhanced by the digital printer’s on-demand capability and the benefits of the ‘white paper’ production model, transforming blank sheets into finished products.

Peter Wolff, Vice President, Production Printing Products (PPP), EMEA Commercial Printing, Canon Europe, commented, ‘In the space of four years, it’s clear that sheetfed inkjet has gone from being a disruptive technology to enabling measurable improvements for a range of print businesses, from book producers to direct marketing specialists. The VarioPrint i-series is a benchmark within this category for the whole industry. Customers can accelerate ROI by migrating more of their offset volumes to sheetfed inkjet presses, benefiting from reduced waste, lower costs and shorter time to market with on-demand digital print technology. Thanks to the VarioPrint i-series, customers are already pushing the limits of productivity. Inkjet is fundamentally changing the economics of production, transforming blank sheets into profit.’


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