Canon Announces Cut-Sheet Digital Print Solution


For commercial print businesses or in-house print rooms looking to boost productivity, while delivering a diverse mix of high-quality printed output, users can count on the new imagePRESS C10010VP to get the job done.

Built on a proven and reliable technology platform with enhanced automation and extensive media-handling capabilities, the imagePRESS C10010VP sets new standards in productivity, application diversity and quality. It’s the solution for high volume print environments that strive to achieve more, enabling more volume, more applications, more quality and more profit.

Meet the tightest deadlines with uninterrupted high-speed, high-quality print all day, every day. Achieve maximum production with two models that offer print speeds of up to 90ppm (imagePRESS C9010VP) and 100ppm (imagePRESS C10010VP) so you can turn jobs around as fast as possible.

This high-performance cut-sheet digital print solution offers automated printing on-demand at a new level, resulting in far less manual intervention and far greater production efficiency. Advanced features include Ultrasonic Multi-Sheet Feed Detection, active front-to-back registration and Inline Spectrometric Sensor (ILS) for simple colour pre-adjustment on every page.

Canon’s Dual Fixing Unit ensures that full productivity is maintained even if different media, of mixed weights and textures, are used for the same job. And taking it one step further, the optional High Capacity Stacker can be unloaded and loaded during print run for a 24/7 operation.

With the option of adding a long-sheet paper input module, users can now introduce auto-duplex printing on media up to 762mm, feeding 1000 sheets through Canon POD Deck XL. The BDT VX 370 Feeder feeds up to 5000 sheets of banner-size media thanks to its unique feeding technology, so the press can handle peak volumes with ease.

Now you can grow your offering with print products that deliver high value. Thanks to synthetic media support, you can expand your offering to cater for customers that require more durable and water-resistant applications. You can also print on long-sheet media up to 1300mm for a wider range of marketing collateral. Offer different media weights, between 60 and 400gsm, and support embossed paper. CV Toner, more media versatility and more finishing options allow for highly creative applications, and higher value leads to higher margins.

With imagePRESS, quality is never in question. Thanks to its innovative R-VCSEL technology, Multi-D.A.T. colour adjustment and versatile screen patterns for ultimate image quality, users will have the confidence to deliver a diverse range of high quality applications, from menus to mailers and from books to long-sheet banners. The unique structure of CV Toner offers superior durability and higher transfer performance, so users can benefit from even higher precision for text and images on every page of every run.

For maximum flexibility, users can create their own configuration that suits their business’s needs. Choose from a wide range of Canon and third party finishing solutions with DFD Bridge connectivity so you can create an end product, ready for immediate delivery, from start to finish.

Mark Lawn, Director of Professional Print Solutions, Canon Europe said, ‘The imagePRESS C10010VP series is a new milestone in the evolution of the digital colour production press, setting new standards in productivity, application diversity and quality. With over 15,000 installed imagePRESS devices in EMEA in the last five years, we’re building on a proven and reliable technology platform, with enhanced automation capabilities to help you achieve your future business ambitions. Now you can have the confidence to deliver any volume, time and time again, with reliable technology that offers maximum uptime. Help your customers turn their challenges into profitable opportunities.’

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