BOBST Customer Invests In Flexo Printing Press

BOBST Customer Invests In Flexo Printing Press

In its journey to continuous improvement in print quality, Boxshop identified the need for a transformative printing solution to elevate its capabilities. To add new capabilities to both the business and the group, it has invested in a BOBST EXPERTFLEX NT flexo printing press.

Established over 30 years ago in East Kilbride, Scotland, Boxshop Ltd (‘Boxshop’) plays a pivotal role in delivering bespoke corrugated boxes, pallet packs and display packaging, catering to diverse market sectors.

Jennifer Riddell, Managing Director of Boxshop, explained, ‘Our business has evolved significantly, with multi-million-pound investments in machinery, training, our team and our processes. Through this, we have undergone a huge transformation to become one of the leading sheet plants in our category, with efficiency, performance and sustainability in focus. However, as part of the Logson Group, we also have to think about synergy, and where we can add further strength to the group.’

It was vital when choosing a solution to add more performance and versatility, that it was synchronised with other businesses in the Group, bringing the ability to switch jobs between sites without impacting customers.

Riddell said, ‘The focus of our investment strategy has been to strengthen the business. We identified that 6-colour printing and tighter registrations would give us an extra competitive edge in flexibility and quality.’

The BOBST EXPERTFLEX NT, a powerhouse in flexo printing, proved to be the perfect solution for Boxshop. The machine’s compact footprint was seamlessly integrated into the Boxshop facility, instantly showing its value. EXPERTFLEX NT gives Boxshop access to high quality post print operations, bringing a new dimension to its portfolio with features of high graphic printing capabilities and no-crush feeding, ensuring optimal use of feedstock and quality. Exemplifying the BOBST approach to customer-led product design, EXPERTFLEX NT has made a big impact in speed and efficiency, backed by a comprehensive inspection system that ensures reliability and repeatability are high.

Upon installation and after both process and product training, the impact of the machine was immediate and transformative bringing added substrate versatility and print quality, showcasing exceptional results on clay-coated board, and delivering a tight register for prints.

With the ability to run up to six colours, the EXPERTFLEX NT operates at 11,000 sheets/hour and complements the other equipment at Boxshop. Jennifer highlighted the ease of use for operators, emphasising the machine’s efficiency in changing anilox rolls within 15 minutes.

Riddell commented, ‘EXPERTFLEX NT is not our first BOBST machine, so we were already aware of the performance of the company, however, it has still exceeded our expectations. We were looking for a competitive edge, to set us ahead of the rest and we got that with this BOBST machine. Our agility is our strength, delivering what our customers need on time and in full. Our new investment contributes to that.’

‘The machine has been a superb addition to our capabilities, and our skilled operators have been producing amazing boxes and packaging solutions for a variety of our customers. The team love the EXPERTFLEX NT machine, and it’s a great long-term investment for Boxshop. We’ve even invited customers to come in and see it, and what we’re now able to produce with it.’

Nick Geary, BOBST Business Sales Manager added, ‘We were delighted to support Boxshop with this new investment. The EXPERTFLEX NT is not just a machine for Boxshop; it’s a symbol of the company’s evolution and commitment to excellence. We proudly design our machines around the needs of the market, and the real pressure points that our customers face. For example, EXPERTFLEX NT is ideally placed to support the growing e-commerce market and is ideal for the more complex short-run jobs that are very prevalent in the market.’

As Boxshop continues its journey of growth and innovation, the EXPERTFLEX NT investment is a testament to its commitment to quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction, and opens exciting new capabilities for the business and wider Logson Group.

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