BLI Reports Positive Feedback On Xerox Versant Innovations


Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI), an independent provider of analytical information and services to the digital imaging and document management industry, have provided feedback on the Xerox Versant family of presses.

Each year, the BLI expert team of analysts and lab technicians put production-class equipment through rigorous hands-on testing. The result? An independent resource whose aim is help prospective buyers move past marketing statements by evaluating product performance and validating product claims.

Xerox Versant 3100 with EX-P 3100 Print Server

‘The Stock Library Manager is a significant strength of the system. We utilised this technology, along with the Full Width Array, throughout testing to create alignment profiles for front-to-back registration and found it to be not only extremely simple but to work flawlessly too,’ said Pete Emory, director of research and lab services, US/Asia, Keypoint Intelligence.

Xerox Versant 180 with EX 180 Print Server

‘Not only is the SIQA procedure for front-to-back registration a fast and straight-forward process, it also provides extremely accurate registration that I’m sure every print shop will appreciate. In fact, the SIQA process is the simplest registration procedure BLI has seen to date,’ said Joe Tischner, analyst, Keypoint Intelligence.

Highly Productive to Meet Daily Deadlines

‘The Versant 180 and Versant 3100 performed at or near their rated speeds in nearly 50 print scenarios BLI evaluated across all media sizes and weights from 52 to 350gsm, ' said George Mikolay, associate director, Keypoint Intelligence.

Remarkable Colour Consistency

In BLI’s test for colour consistency, both the Versant 3100 and Versant 180 demonstrated mean and peak delta shifts that were the lowest or among the lowest of their peers.

When measuring front-to-back solid density, both the Versant 3100’s and Versant 180’s deviations were found to be less than that of most competitors with both coated and uncoated media.

BLI Production Print Test Report Highlights: Xerox Versant 3100

1. Near-perfect front-to-back registration means accurate and consistent output quality day in and day out.
2. Automatic flushing of misfeeds reduces jam clearance and device recovery times while also reducing the risk of damage to the device.
3. Coated-media support from all paper sources and duplex printing up to 350 gsm allow for media flexibility.

BLI Production Print Test Report Highlights: XeroxVersant

1. Fast throughput speeds when switching between letter and ledger output means the device will be highly productive when incorporating large spreadsheets into financial reports or building plans into architectural design documents.
2. Built-in spectrophotometer with the Performance Package eliminates the need for an operator to manually create colour profiles and supports advanced colour profiling.
3. Coated-media support from all paper sources and duplex printing up to 300 gsm allow for media flexibility.
4. Near-identical control panel to that of Xerox office engines eliminates the learning curve for operators already familiar with Xerox engines.

Common Strengths

-Well defined and consistent lines, bold solids and vibrant photographic images.
-Easily automate workflows and apply pre-defined settings via drag-and-drop functionality.
-User-replaceable components including drums, fuser and waste toner maximise uptime.
-Mid-run quality checks from stackers ensure quality and consistency.
-Robust finishing options allow for easy upgrades as business needs evolve.

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